Preditive Dialing

Predictive Dialing for Contact Centers

Predictive dialing is a tool commonly used by contact centers because they allow to expedite operation, boost productivity, and take full advantage of resources. For some time now, call and contact centers have adopted predictive dialing as the main means for managing outbound call traffic, given that it streamlines contact and increases profitability by up […]

PCI Data Security

PCI Data Protection by Nuxiba

Without a doubt, the online market is currently one of the largest markets worldwide and as it continues to grow exponentially, cardholder data of millions around the world is exposed on daily basis. Therefore, the PCI Security Standars Council decided to create a security standard oriented to the development of regulations for Cardholder Data protection, […]


Best Practices for Call Center Scripts

Scripts are a set of guidelines for specific processes that are provided to representatives of departments like Customer Service, Tech Support, and Complaints/Suggestions so they handle every call appropriately. These guidelines must meet a series of formal requirements that ensure customers have a positive experience.  In Debt Collection and Sales areas, apart from such requirements, […]

Call monitoring

Call Monitoring Still Works (Article + Infographic)

Contact centers are required to analyze results upon the end of phone customer interactions in a methodical, consistent manner. Developing reports and keeping close control of operation in real time come in handy for such purpose.  Real-time monitoring is one way of maintaining and guaranteeing call control and quality. Given that, it allows to detect […]

Importance of Customer Experience

Customer experience is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of business nowadays, but what is CX today? Let’s describe it like as all the interactions customer has with your business; whether direct or indirect. Starting with: How easy is to search for your brand online Navigate your website Talking with your sales or support […]

Multi-Channel Contact Center: Optimize your Social Networks.

We have already heard a lot about the advantages of multi-channel communication with your customers. But what does multi-channel communication mean? Multi-channel communication means being available to serve your customers in the platform they deem best to contact you. Nowadays, one of the preferred channels, without a doubt, to get in touch with companies is […]


Voice Broadcasting for More Efficient Transfers

Transfers are a constant of contact centers’ day-to-day operation. In order for them to be expedited and better managed; it is necessary to map out a well-thought-out strategy and use appropriate tools.   Contact centers have taken advantage of technology by using it to streamline their external and internal processes. And consequently improve their service. Some […]

Team Management During Pandemic Crisis.

The covid-19 crisis sets many challenges to companies around the globe. One of the most critical is team managment during crisis and in distance. Work from home for Contact Centers are possible, but these does not necessarily mean it would be an easy task, maintaining an agile team who knows how to deal with crisis […]

Call Center

Call Center Services by the Hour

Call center services hired by the hour are a great opportunity that many businesses seize to satisfy all their communication needs. The way today’s customers communicate with companies has changed customer service dramatically. That’s why an increasingly large number of companies decide to outsource their operation to multichannel contact centers; in order to deliver an […]

Work from home contact center

Covid-19: Work From Home Contact Centers Are Now a Reality.

Pandemic resulting from Covid-19 is changing life in an extreme way, along with much of the world’s work force ways. Regulations to control the virus spread, have complicated daily tasks for numerous businesses and organizations, specially contact centers that are now making the transition to Work from home contact centers. This situation, however, represents a […]