SMS for Debt Collection.

In the last decade, thanks to technology, and smartphones, debt collection techniques, purchases, and consumer habits have changed dramatically. More than a third of the USA workforce are Millennials, according […]

Debt Collection

Debt Collection Tools for Contact Centers

Collection tools are a key factor in contact centers that specialize in resolving delinquencies.  There’s more to debt collection than meets the eye. That’s why an increasingly large number of […]

Human performance

Top Tips for Effective Debt Recovery

The measures taken to prevent bad debt expense are referred to as debt recovery. This activity is crucial to any business in commerce. However, both companies and contact centers that […]

Debt Collection

Technology for Improved Collections

The introduction of technology into collections defines how these operations have evolved over the years. Debt collection must be understood as a sector that has experienced changes on a constant […]

Debt Collection

How Has Debtor Management Evolved Over Time?

This article discusses the evolution of debt collection. In the beginning, collections methods were rough and oriented solely to the pursue of payments.  With time and practice, collectors came to […]

Professional Collections

The Professionalization of Debt Collection

Over the last few years, the concept of professional collections services has been used to refer to a series of good practices in the industry.   This concept is understood in […]

Improve Your Collections Technique

To improve the technique of your collections department, you must first understand what needs to be changed.  There are different factors you must take into account to identify the processes […]

Key Aspects of Efficient Collections

In order to map out an efficient debt collection strategy that directs your efforts towards effective contact and high recovery rates, you must take into account a series of key […]