Market Surveys

Three Benefits of Market Surveys for Your Business

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Companies are required to know their market in order to improve on a constant basis. Becoming familiar with competitors, the current trends. And the needs of clients and prospects is what helps businesses to keep pace with their respective industries.  To access said information, most of market researchers and analysts use mass surveys They are […]

Software and Telephony

Enhance Your Contact Center with Software and Telephony

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Carriers that provide solutions combining software and telephony help businesses to improve. And streamline their operation, broaden their scope, and cut costs related to resources and infrastructure.  Contact centers require tools that boost productivity, improve time management, and enable continuous innovation.  Today’s contact centers are either growing companies or in-house departments. In charge of sectors […]

Data Security

The Importance of Data Security in Contact Centers

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One of the most valuable resources of both people and companies is information. In particular, when it falls into the ‘sensitive’ category. Therefore, it must be managed appropriately so the integrity, reputation, and privacy of those who hold it is protected.  In contact centers that collect and exchange different types of information, it’s crucial to […]

recording system

Recording Systems and Contact Center Improvement

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Recording systems help contact centers to measure productivity and quality on a constant basis, thereby allowing them to improve the service offered to their customers and their operational metrics.     Recording systems are widely used by call centers to keep records and obtain evidence of conversations between agents and customers, as well as to detect areas […]

metrics report

Call Center Reports and Metrics

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Reports and metrics play a major role in making decisions and mapping out strategies. Contact centers cannot improve what they cannot measure. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that they obtain a considerable insight into their operation to develop business plans and processes accordingly.  Although contact centers are used to produce general reports, they must […]

cloud contact center

Cloud Contact Centers

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Cloud-based contact center solutions offer considerable benefits in terms of resources and strategy development. They also provide agents with a flexible work environment, where they can access services anywhere with an internet connection.  What Is a Cloud Contact Center Like? Cloud contact centers are hosted on an internet server. Given that all inbound and outbound […]