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End to end solutions for Debt Collection Agencies.

Collection, like many other industries, has faced difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, constant technological changes, and, of course, the new dynamics of markets and customers.   Technology has taken on […]

How to Improve Your Voice Messages (Infographic).

Voice broadcasting continues to be a viable option for businesses that need to send the same message on a mass scale. This tool is commonly used in promotional or publicity […]

What is Preview Dialing?

Preview dialing is an outbound dialing system. Over the years it has gained popularity because with its algorithm it has managed to increase the efficiency of call centers notably. The […]

COVID-19: Economic Impact of the Pandemic

In the past months, the world economy has been transformed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How Does This Outbreak Harm the Economy? The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said it’s very […]

Key Aspects for Improving Sales Calls

Sales calls entail a complex communication process that requires agents to be skilled in order to establish a good rapport. The end of such communication is transmitting and receiving information. […]

Customer Service During the Pandemic.

Customer Service is one of the interactions that prove crucial for companies because it influences customer retention. The recent pandemic has led customer service providers to adapt to new needs, […]

Collection: How Do I Increase My Overdue Portfolio Recovery?

The application of technology in the collection industry has become very important for those companies that want to do business efficiently and competitively. The creation of alliances to improve work […]

Sales Closing: How Can You Win More Deals?

Closing a sale via telephone is as complex as nurturing leads. That’s why we conducted research on sales closing techniques to write this article. First of all, it’s necessary to […]

CEM: How Do We Establish Quality Relationships With Our Customers?

This trend had been in use and working for several years, but in this new normal it is important to reincorporate it into our strategies and efforts. Let’s start by […]

How Contact Center Outsourcing Services Improve Sales

According to Deloitte’s Global Contact Center Survey, among the three main activities of contact centers and BPO service providers, customer service comes in the first place, followed closely by telephone-based […]