Voice Broadcasting for Improved Call Center Strategies

A large number of companies, and especially contact centers, use voice broadcasting as a debt collection tool or as a means to send reminders and follow-up instructions in customer service; however, this technology offers many more benefits in terms of business strategies.  Telephone messages are direct, effective contact means. They can be broadcast to thousands […]

The Role of Contact Centers in the Healthcare Insurance Industry.

Since its emergence on the world markets, healthcare insurance has been one of the most competitive, dynamic, and active sectors. In the current context of health contingency, the demand for private medical care is being exacerbated, which has increased, at an unprecedented rate, the search for information on private medical services through various digital means. […]

Call Centers vs Contact Centers

Call Center vs. Contact Center, What’s the Difference?

What’s a Call Center? A call center is a centralized office that manages the inbound and outbound call traffic of a given business by means of a PBX phone system, a series of agents, an ACD application, and a predictive dialer. It is capable of handling a large volume of concurrent calls by queuing callers […]

Chat and Personalized Customer Service

Chat is a communication means that continues to enjoy popularity among companies because it allows contact to be immediate. When used properly, it helps to provide a close, personalized service, and consequently improve customer satisfaction.  It is important to provide valuable interactions in customer service. Service quality is considered good or bad due, in large […]

Call Center Agents

Contact Center Agents and Customer Experience

Contact center agents play a major role in multi-channel customer experiences. They’re in charge of delivering a positive experience across all touchpoints through more personal and immediate service.  Due to customers’ demand for prompt assistance and the new trends in customer support and service, it proves necessary for agents to broaden their scope and manage […]

Instant Messaging Services for Contact Centers.

Maintaining good communication with your clients is key to provide a quality service. Undoubtedly, the importance of having several communication channels and sufficient capacity to offer personalized attention to your consumers and/or interested parties have become a great differentiator. Companies nowadays, lack the freedom to choose the channels they can offer their customers. Due to […]

The Importance of Contact Center Services for Companies.

Contact centers prove essential to the success of companies in a very evident way. They help to improve service by providing customers with channels to communicate from the comfort of their own homes, but… how does this work exactly? Companies can have a series of in-house departments in charge of interacting with customers; however, more […]

How to Successfully Run a Multi-channel Contact Center?

Multi-channel contact centers are those that succeed in servicing customers over different communication means effectively. First-rate multi-channel interactions occur when customers are provided with a positive experience in every touchpoint, regardless of the data they submit or whether they are new or repeat customers. To produce this result, contact centers must take into account a […]

Software for Contact Centers

Open-Source vs. Licensed Software for Contact Centers

Modern contact centers must adopt better, advanced tools to satisfy customers’ communication demands in each campaign. To that end, they can choose to use either open-source or licensed software, so… what’s the difference between these two versions? Some years ago, call centers just needed an automatic dialer capable of making hundreds of calls concurrently. However, […]

Ai in contact centers

AI: Its Role in Improving Contact Center Processes.

AI are techniques used to teach computers to learn, reason, perceive, inferred, communicate, and make decisions in a similar way than a human being does. This technology can help you recognize patterns and use that information to predict outcomes. Artificial intelligence in contact centers There are many ways in which AI can be used, and […]