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Predictive Dialer for Contact Centers

A predictive dialer is a tool commonly used by contact centers. This tool allows them to expedite operation, boost productivity, and take full advantage of resources. For some time now, call and contact centers have […]

Importance and Tips to Motivate your Agents while Working Remotely.

Working remotely in a team specialized in customer calls all day long can be a challenge, as things have to work in the same way so that the customer doesn’t notice. A major challenge faced […]

Tax Season Checklist for Collectors.

Tax season is upon us, so we decided to make a little checklist for collectors. To have a successful collection strategy it is very important to know who we are going to contact, when we […]

Can Debt Collectors Use Auto Dialers?

One of the best and most used tools for any company that has a call center or contact center is precisely the auto dialer. The increase of telephone numbers and databases has made the auto dialer […]

Work from Home tips

The current world situation has forced many companies to close their offices and send their workers to work from home. Although it can be seen as a benefit, this can also have many repercussions on […]

Collection Calls: How to Make a Succesful Call.

Making a phone call is never easy, especially collection calls. No matter how long your agents have been on the job, there will always be details to improve. To begin with, we would like to […]

5 Latest Developments for Collection

The year 2020 was not easy for anyone around the world. Many industries have been affected by the pandemic, either facing sales declines or having to change their business model. But it hasn’t all been […]

What Is a CTI?

Have you ever heard the term CTI for Call and Contact Center and would like to know what it is? To understand it in-depth and to understand its current importance it is important to go […]

What Is a Debt Collection Software?

The environment in which business has been conducted over the past year has given rise to more complicated challenges and has tested many organizations globally.  Specifically, in the debt collection industry, activities such as operational […]

Send Insant Messages This Holiday Season.

The holiday season is upon us. Soon homes will be filled with the scent of gingerbread cookies and fresh pine and the streets will be embellished with lights and decorations. Spirits will be high and […]