Contact Center Setup: What You Need to Know

Setting up a contact center requires an appropriate planning of resources and means, as well as a highly-skilled and well-trained workforce. Nowadays, competition in the contact center sector is intense. […]

Multichannel Communication in Smart Cities

It’s been a few years now since the term ‘smart city’ started to gain popularity in public policies and the interaction between governments and citizens.  It refers to cities in […]

How IP Telephony Improves Contact Centers

IP telephony works over the Internet. Nowadays the vast majority of contact centers use it, given that it allows to cut costs in terms of installation and resources, as well […]

Cybersecurity for Companies

In today’s world, where technology evolves with each passing day, using the Internet and information technologies has become a must for an increasingly large number of companies. However, these resources […]

Digital Technology in Companies

In today’s globalized world, it’s quite common that companies search for technology solutions that streamline their operation and help them adapt to the new business and service models of the […]

Data Leaks Prevention (DLP)

Regardless of job titles, and to a greater or lesser extent, employees are responsible for protecting the information of the company on whose behalf they work. Data leaks are one […]

Agile Methodologies for Business Success

Agile Methodologies    Agile methodologies focus on creating a collaborative work culture where the main target is to develop first-rate products that meet specific customer needs. Although this approach was first […]

The Fintech Industry and the New Paradigm

FinTech is an industry that has revolutionized the way finances are handled in today’s digital era. It has improved and automated the interaction between users and financial services providers, or […]

Cloud Recording Systems

Cloud-based tools, such as recording systems, are a growing trend in the business world. They offer many advantages, which include low infrastructure costs, scalable storage capacity, and remote data access.  […]