ACD: What It Is and How It Works

What is ACD? ACD is an acronym that stands for Automatic Call Distribution. It is a system designed for forwarding or routing calls to specific extensions. These telephone lines are grouped depending on the logistics and needs of contact centers. An automated call distributor is an essential and basic tool for any contact center. How […]

Telephone Surveys in Market Research

Companies in all lines of business need to know their target markets and customers to improve their processes and achieve their goals.     Surveys are one of the tools most commonly used to collect important data. They help to pinpoint customer preferences, current industry trends, and even customer perception in connection with a product or brand.  […]

Multichannel Customers: Are You Ready for Them?

Today’s customers decide how to communicate; they choose the channel and the modality. As a result, companies are urged to develop a multichannel contact strategy for immediate, effective service. Adapting to the trends in the industry and the needs of customers is imperative to contact centers. Whether it is for customer service, sales, or tech […]

Contact Centers and Digital Customer Experience

The latest trends in customer service indicate that one of the factors that differentiate companies from their competition is the experience provided to customers when buying products or hiring services. This experience is delivered throughout the customer journey, from awareness, through the purchase and use of products, to advocacy. It is developed across different touchpoints […]

Cloud Computing as a Service

Cloud Computing (or “the Cloud”) refers to a service model whose popularity is growing among companies that wish to improve their competitiveness and service quality.   In this model, companies can access digital resources like storage, software, service platforms, or applications over the internet without investing in hardware or other physical infrastructure. Given that information can […]

Voice Broadcasting for Improved Call Center Strategies

A large number of companies, and especially contact centers, use voice broadcasting as a debt collection tool or as a means to send reminders and follow-up instructions in customer service; however, this technology offers many more benefits in terms of business strategies.  Telephone messages are a direct, effective contact means. They can be broadcasted to […]

Improve Customer Experience with a Recording System

There are different strategies to improve customer experience in contact centers, such as providing agents with proper training, using well-defined scripts, or reducing wait times. Though these practices are very common in contact centers’ quality processes, they need to be monitored constantly to make sure they are being used correctly.  A recording system not only […]

Do You Know How to Build Customer and Employee Loyalty?

Getting to know customers is the way to provide them with services tailored to their every need and deliver better experiences that lead to long-term business relationships and brand loyalty.  Customers around the world prefer personalized services.  Offer Multichannel Service In this digital era, internet and online applications are the means customers use the most […]

Quality Control Call Center

Quality in Contact/Call Centers –and How to Control It

In order to make sure customers are provided with a high-quality service, it is essential to have an in-house department specialized in quality control. Among many other benefits, quality control areas help to detect existing problems, and consequently find ways to solve them. One of the main challenges faced by new or established call/contact centers […]

Improve Customer Experience with SMS Messages

Today’s customers need brands and companies to provide them with services where they feel heard and valued. Given that they are well-informed about the technological changes and trends in the industry, they have increasingly high expectations and search for means to communicate with businesses more directly.   In light of this, companies are required to modify […]