Importance of Customer Experience

Customer experience is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of business nowadays, but what is CX today? Let’s describe it as all the interactions any customer has with your […]

Call Center Agents

Contact Center Agents and Customer Experience

Contact center agents play a major role in multi-channel customer experiences. They’re in charge of delivering a positive experience across all touchpoints through more personal and immediate service.  Due to […]

Instant Messaging Services for Contact Centers.

Maintaining good communication with your clients is key to provide a quality service. Undoubtedly, the importance of having several communication channels and sufficient capacity to offer personalized attention to your […]

ACD system

ACD: What It Is and How It Works

What is ACD? ACD system is an acronym that stands for Automatic Call Distribution. It is a system designed for forwarding or routing calls to specific extensions. These telephone lines […]

Telephone Surveys in Market Research

Companies in all lines of business need to know their target markets and customers to improve their processes and achieve their goals.     Surveys are one of the tools most commonly […]

Multichannel Customers: Are You Ready for Them?

Today’s customers decide how to communicate; they choose the channel and the modality. As a result, companies are urged to develop a multichannel contact strategy for immediate, effective service. Adapting […]

Contact Centers and Digital Customer Experience

The latest trends in customer service indicate that one of the factors that differentiate companies from their competition is the experience provided to customers when buying products or hiring services. […]