Telecommunications and the metaverse: what is the relationship between them?

The metaverse is getting closer every day to becoming a reality we can all access from the comfort of our mobile devices, computers, or video consoles.

And for this to become the experience we have seen in countless movies, series, and stories, it takes much more than a good computer capable of processing all the graphics in real-time.

Perhaps so far, we have overlooked the must-have: the speed and bandwidth to enjoy the metaverse.

Providing connectivity: the master key.

The development of the metaverse and its real-time experience is directly related to connectivity.

Currently, services with 5G technology are intended to deliver large amounts of gigabytes per second, ultra-low latency, stable signal, and few opportunities to lose connection.

By 2030, if things go well, we will witness a large-scale technological breakthrough with the arrival of 6G technology, making everything even faster. The metaverse should be driven by fiber connections that will make it more stable and provide greater stability in the market.

This development will allow operators to create new business opportunities, update their infrastructure and compete to give us fair rates with the best data quality: in the land of the multiverse, whoever has the best data will be

Enjoying free Wi-Fi.

Analytics, privacy, and Artificial Intelligence.

And yes, as you are thinking, we ask ourselves the same question: how much data is the metaverse going to ask for in exchange for input?

So far that is a mystery, as is the way in which they will collect, store and use it. This allows us to think about the future and how crucial and sensitive this issue is, as seen in previous events with social networks.

The greater the amount of data, the more options for its use become almost unlimited, just take a look at marketing.

Those places we visit and everything we show interest in exploring will become a unique experience, thanks to the analysis of our data by an artificial intelligence better trained to satisfy our needs and generate many more.

Concerts? Trips? Spending hours shopping for our avatar with well-known brands? All this will make NFTs look like prehistory. Until that time comes, thinking about upgrading the speed of our internet or phone service seems to be the best preparation we can start doing, before the future becomes today.

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