AI and CX: 3 ways to help your customers be completely satisfied.

As we have already seen in previous posts, AI is bringing improvements to the call center sector in Mexico, naturally the most benefited after the companies are the customers, since their Customer Experience becomes a simple way that at the end of the calls, they receive rewards or benefits.

But how can customers benefit from Artificial Intelligence?

Chatbots: Fast answers and solutions.

Everywhere, at all times and regardless of whether it is a specialized or casual conversation, we have all heard about chatbots; this is a language processing software that simulates a written or spoken human conversation and that for contacting our customers is a great help.

Why is a chatbot useful for our customers’ experience? Mainly because of the time savings and ease of response. Our life nowadays is very fast and so, we want it to answer everything we do; your customers can’t wait for a call to connect, that’s why placing a chatbot that follows a flow of answers is the best option. This way you know directly the customer’s problem and you can solve it in 5 simple questions, otherwise you communicate with an available advisor..

Speech Analytics: beyond words.

Every day, in call centers there are thousands of hours of conversation, using an AI with your customers allows you to make recordings that, with the help of this tool, will significantly improve the customer experience. Voice analysis allows us to detect keywords used by customers to detect recurring needs, it is also able to detect the mood of our customers. All this allows us to generate analysis that results in a better CX on every call our customers have.

 Knowing which words trigger a particular mood, which are the main problems that need to be solved and how they feel listened to, also implies for call centers a better use of their personnel resources and savings in telephony costs.

How can customers benefit from Artificial Intelligence?

Intelligent calls, at the right time

Having a predictive dialer allows to connect calls with customers at the right time when they are going to answer. How does this benefit customers? Quite simply. Most customers complain that they get unsolicited calls all the time, every day, and that puts them in a bad mood, the next caller gets all the hassle.

Calling at the right time increases the contact rate, the probabilities of answering the call increase and, therefore, not receiving so many “annoyances” during the day generates a better mood and they are ready to answer in a better mood.

Customers are very important for any call center and it is necessary to make sure that, at all times, their doubts can be solved in a simple, clear and empathetic way, with the shortest possible response time. The speed of the internet, processors, our applications and even life itself, force us to keep our eyes and ears open for quick action.

At Nuxiba, our solutions that use Artificial Intelligence, are focused on giving you the tools you need to increase your contact levels, reduce your operating costs and of course, improve your relationship with the customer, in a simple and intuitive way, learn more about them in the following link and discover why Nuxiba is the giant of contacting.

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