Social Networks in Contact Centers

Why Are Social Networks Important in Contact Centers?

Social networks are no news to contact centers due to their current popularity and widespread use. Today’s businesses are required to establish management methods for these resources and foresee all the different challenges entailed in them.   The first thing to keep in mind is that new generations prefer social networks over any other means to […]

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Customer service

Personalized Customer Service

Contemporary clients are looking for personalized customer service. Still, when they turn to a company’s contact center, they are forwarded to automated systems more often than not. Other times, they can communicate with attendants whose main resources to provide information are speech combinations and a series of context-specific scripts.  Due to these limited tools, it’s

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No more customer service in 2019

No More Customer Service in 2019

For the last few years, the industry has focused on the importance of improving the interactions between companies and customers, and providing close, effective customer service that meets people’s needs.  In 2019, high-quality customer experiences became a clear trend. Accordingly, the trend’s popularity increased so much that contact centers were required to adopt new communication

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Customer Service

Customer Service and Contact Centers

Customer service and contact centers are essential to a company’s most important goal: customer engagement. Companies with large volumes of clients choose to either hire a contact center or create an in-house department with their own agent facilities.   Customer service is a complex task more often than not; therefore, agents must learn to face day-to-day

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