Instant Messaging Services for Contact Centers.

Maintaining good communication with your clients is key to provide a quality service.

Undoubtedly, the importance of having several communication channels and sufficient capacity to offer personalized attention to your consumers and/or interested parties have become a great differentiator.

Companies nowadays lack the freedom to choose the channels they can offer their customers. Due to the inertias of the markets, they must be present and accessible in all possible channels and means and within their reach, not being content to access through traditional channels such as email and telephone.

Social networks and direct messaging applications have become essential tools to achieve consumer satisfaction, which can be translated into loyalty and success for your company. For this reason, it is necessary to understand how one of the most widely used instant messaging applications in the world can be integrated into your customer service center.

Instant messaging


Nuxiba Technologies offers a new feature for instant messaging that can be easily integrated into a contact center, which consists of a chat manager through a communication, messaging, and social network tool.

Nuxiba’s proposal represents an adequate solution for the current and future needs of your business. With the available tools you can:

  • Ensuring secure access
  • Administration of different user-profiles and privileges
  • Online chat by direct messaging
  • Conversation history
  • Activity information
  • Interaction rating
  • Automatic responses and chatbot
  • Transferring conversations to another agent
  • Dashboard and reports
  • Real-time monitoring

How does it work?

A URL is sent to your customers to start a chat from their mobile or PC via SMS or it can be added to a button on their website. All you need is your phone number and the text you want to enter to start a conversation.

Start direct conversations with your customers wherever they are!

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