Call Center Services by the Hour

Call center services hired by the hour are a great opportunity that many businesses seize to satisfy all their communication needs.

The way today’s customers communicate with companies has changed customer service dramatically.

That’s why an increasingly large number of companies decide to outsource their operation to multichannel contact centers; in order to deliver an improved customer experience. 

These contact centers need to be up-to-date in terms of technology and offer competitive service and commercial schemes; so companies can meet the expectations of their respective audiences.    

Companies trust contact centers with their operation in three main sectors: customer service, sales, and debt collection.

However, contact centers also prove useful for big corporations; that want to conduct a publicity campaign either on a periodic or one-time basis.  

In such cases, contact centers must develop specific plans that provide companies with flexibility while driving profitability.

To that end, they can render and charge services by hour, day, or campaign without the hassle of a fixed-term contract. 

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More Service Plans, Better Opportunities 

For example, there are some companies that launch a promotional campaign during given hours on a particular day. And require to receive calls while their advertisement is broadcast live on TV. 

Companies that fall into this category hire third-party services for a determined period. And thus, they are more likely to choose options available by hour rather than by longer intervals.

Contact centers that consider said scheme when mapping out their strategy will succeed in attracting new customers. 

There are other scenarios where companies with in-house customer service or debt collection departments; experience a heavier workload that cannot be supported with their existing infrastructure.

These companies look for contact centers that help them to operate smoothly on peak seasons and bill them by hour based on workloads, which may vary from one month to the other. 

Companies that don’t conduct campaigns regularly and are not engaged in the business process outsourcing (BPO) practice can also benefit from by-the-hour services.  

Nuxiba is a software provider that understands the needs of both companies and contact centers.

It has developed a series of flexible service schemes, including a new plan where software is licensed by hour and you pay only for what you use (on a metered basis). 

This type of service is ideal for managing inbound and outbound call traffic, whether temporarily or otherwise. It offers a turnkey system that features advanced functionalities, like: reports and analytics, call recording, IVR, CRM, and much more. 

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