Covid-19: Work From Home Contact Centers Are Now a Reality.

Pandemic resulting from Covid-19 is changing life in an extreme way, along with much of the world’s workforce ways. Regulations to control the virus spread, have complicated daily tasks for numerous businesses and organizations, especially contact centers that are now making the transition to Work from home contact centers.

This situation, however, represents a great opportunity to grow your business and to work from various places different from a traditional workplace, enhancing new possibilities to have agents around the world.

Minimize business disruptions 

While transitioning from a traditional workplace to “Work from home” operations, contact centers can guarantee minimal business disruptions. Technology makes these changes possible, by helping them to maintain their customer service quality despite adverse contexts.

Adapting quickly to the changing marketplace gives contact centers a key advantage over their competence.

In order to achieve this, centers must have the right technologies and software that can guarantee an adequate level of service, quality, and safety processes.

Work from home. Recognize your employees’ necessities.

Implementing a contact center operation from home is a process that requires time, constant training, and reinforcement.

One of the first things employers must have in mind is that working from home represents a challenge for the employees. The best option to address this issue might be to organize online capacity-building strategies or meetings to provide all the information regarding systems requirements, business goals, individual work expectations and to clarify all concerns employees may have.

Equip Your Team 

Companies must provide their employees with everything they need to create the best “Work from home” workspace. Make sure that your team has:

  • A reliable and stable internet connection with enough bandwidth, 
  • Adequate computer equipment,
  • A headset, and
  • A place to comfortably complete their daily chores without interruptions.

It is possible to have a contact center in a work from home scheme, you just need to select the right software for your companies’ necessities.

Work from home

Work from home contact center is possible and easy; at Nuxiba we make it happen.

One of our main goals is to help our clients to reach their targets while building the needed frameworks to better interact with their customers and teams.  

Nuxiba’s platforms can be installed remotely, and they offer a great number of possibilities, such as:

  • Manage all service and sales channels through our social networking and unified media modules,
  • Monitor real-time operation,
  • Create simple and reliable measurement parameters,
  • Record agents calls and screens,
  • Provide 24-hours assistance through our IVR system,
  • Generate the most detailed reports in a few minutes,
  • Generate the most detailed reports in a few minutes,
  • Create a better experience for customers and collaborators, and
  • Contact Nuxiba’s support 24/7

We create better solutions for you and your business. Stay home, stay informed, stay healthy, stay connected.

Request a free demo today!

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