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Cloud contact center

Cloud contact centers have been a common topic among industry leaders, from different sectors, for the last decade. If you are still unsure whether something like a cloud-based solution is fit for your business, this article will provide you with in-depth knowledge of what these solutions are and how can they help your business.

Cloud solutions are one of the most relevant trends in the Contact Center industry. Their main aim is either to replace older solutions or to acquire new capabilities and tools, such as chat solutions and remote feedback management.

What is a Cloud-based Contact Center?

A cloud-based contact center follows the same principle as a physical contact center. They both are practically the same except you won’t be in need of physical infrastructure to support your company’s daily operation, i.e. Cloud Contact Centers are virtually hosted in the cloud by a service provider.

The users, your agents, and collaborators, can access the call service through an app installed in their devices or through an access link, basically anywhere in the world, as long as they can secure the internet.

And, how about security?

Security concerns may have delayed the adoption of cloud-based solutions. Many contact centers have decided not to take the next step in the process of migrating their operations due to the lack of trust in said solutions.

A few years ago, it was difficult for companies to trust the cloud and internet-based solutions, since it was believed that being in a system built-up on the Internet could do more harm than good.

Today, having a contact center in the cloud is totally secure, as solutions-providers have demonstrated their ability to support the security, data protection, and transparency requirements of today’s businesses.

What are the advantages of having a contact center in the cloud?

Installation time

The implementation of a physical call center can take several months.

With a cloud-based system and thanks to the simplicity and speed of installation, companies can be up and running in a matter of hours, as well as without incurring in the costs derived by acquiring hardware, licenses, infrastructure, and software.

Installing a cloud-based call center software requires nothing more than installing an app on a computer or accessing a link with a set password. That should get you up and running, with no assembly required.

Costs and expenses

We know that the costs to start a business are always high, in this case, the costs for the installation of a call center or physical contact center can be quite high, especially for small and medium enterprises.

For instance, to start operations you would need to acquire:

– Hardware (servers, headsets or phones, computers, etc.),

– Acquisition of software licenses and,

– Renting or buying physical offices.

In addition to these expenses, the useful life of the equipment and hardware must also be considered, meaning that after approximately 5 to 7 years, expenses must made again be to replace obsolete equipment.

In contrast, cloud-based systems can be easily installed, remotely if requested, and used without the need to invest in infrastructure beyond a good Internet connection and devices with Internet access.

Take into account: these systems require a powerful Internet connection, quality routers with a solid configuration to enjoy a smooth cloud-based calling system.

If you do not have enough bandwidth, it is more likely that your contact or call center can become saturated, which can cause your representatives to experience problems with call quality. That’s why it’s also important to have the right software and telephone service, which can be key to facilitate this type of operation in the cloud.


Once installed, physical call centers are difficult to adjust. For example, adding agents to your team means buying new phones and modifying the hardware. This adds short-term costs, but if you needed to make cuts to accommodate the season or undesirable situations, you would have an unnecessary surplus of devices.

In terms of mobility, desk phones need to be connected to your office server. A sales or customer service representative cannot perform their duties if they are not physically at their desk.

Cloud-based call centers software is much easier to adapt, manage, and customize. Adding or removing users is as simple and easy as adding a new contact to your mobile.

No additional hardware is required and any changes to your monthly bill will be reflected instantly.

A cloud-based call center platform allows agents to telework with only a good internet connection. A virtual switchboard can provide many advantages for your business, such as lower costs and fewer agent replacements.

Best of all, a platform of this sort can help organizations increase customer satisfaction.

Cloud Contact Center 100% customizable.

Always looking for innovation in technology and in providing our customers with the best solutions available in the market, Nuxiba Technologies, a company with more than 20 years in the market offers a 100% customizable cloud solution.

This solution adapts to what you and your business need, with features such as

Inbound and Outbound Module

Run multiple campaigns simultaneously in a single platform. Monitor, manage, and control calls dialing and routing across your contact center.

Predictive Dialer

This automated system dials all the phone numbers in your database achieving a high contact ratio through callback attempts. The human voice detection feature ensures that agents always get to speak with a person, thereby reducing downtimes.


Record the calls and screen activity of all your agents. This module helps you to assess your contact center’s performance, detect areas for improvement, and back up customer interactions.


Retrieve information in next to no time. Search files based on different parameters like data, seat, call duration, campaign, etc.

CRM Express

Organize and synchronize your client information in simple steps. In cloud-based systems, an internet connection is all you need to access data anytime, anywhere.

Let’s start together. Nuxiba trains you and your team on how to use this software to the best advantage of your business and goals.

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