Call Recording, the Best Shield Available to Your Company and Customers

Call recording systems function as a shield against frauds that comes in handy to safeguard the privacy of customers.

Any business, from small debt collection call centers to large corporations that manage a high volume of information, is protected from any possible threats when using call recording. 

Call recording systems were developed a while back in response to companies’ need to protect and save important data exchanged during customer interactions in different areas.

For instance, promises to pay, negotiations, customer authentication protocols, sales agreements, statements, misrepresentations, etc.

Nowadays, these tools continue to prove crucial and indispensable to the operation of businesses; however, they are expected to benefit not only companies, but also customer bases. 

Did You Know That Protecting Data When Recording Calls Is Required by Law?

Data protection regulations have been introduced in several countries around the world. In order to grant individuals the right to control any personal information.

They provide to third parties and make sure it is used in their best interest at all times. 

Safeguarding the particulars of both calling and called parties is of the essence in today’s society. Where the use of information technologies enables to process personal data on a mass scale and on a constant. And virtually unlimited, basis with great ease.

In light of this, whenever customers provide data to a company. They must be guaranteed that such data will be used exclusively for the purposes for which it was collected, as set forth in the company’s privacy notice. 

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Did You Know That Agents’ Compliance with In-house Practices Is 100% Guaranteed When Calls Are Recorded and Monitored?

Another way of protecting customers is by monitoring the behavior of agents while providing service over the phone. This is one of the main strategies that can help businesses to stand out from their competition. 

A poor service quality combined with companies’ failure to treat customers appropriately and pay close attention to their requests results in high customer attrition rates.

It only takes one bad experience for customers to drop a brand forever.

Customers can forgive a mistake when they are offered suitable, effective solutions; but they are not likely to forget an unprofessional service, especially if they felt disrespected by agents. 

Agents aware that their calls are being recorded and monitored improve their performance significantly. And maintain a good attitude throughout every customer interaction. 

CenterWare AVRS® is the most complete open-architecture software in the market. That is capable of recording calls and screens across all your agent workstations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Its discrete, professional, and reliable system will provide you with all the information you need. To achieve your goals, no matter the industry you work in. 

Learn more about all the benefits that recording systems can bring to your business with this free downloadable material. 

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