AI: Its Role in Improving Contact Center Processes.

AI are techniques used to teach computers to learn, reason, perceive, inferred, communicate, and make decisions in a similar way than a human being does.

This technology can help you recognize patterns and use that information to predict outcomes.

Artificial intelligence in contact centers

There are many ways in which AI can be used, and since this technology promises to improve speed and accuracy, it can also be used to improve Contact Center processes.

Long waiting times negatively impact the user’s experience. If a customer calls to make a claim and the waiting time is too long, he/she will probably hang up.  When trying to call again,  our customers might be hard to deal with.

  • Transferring calls to the correct agents or departments, where accurate responses and instructions can be immediately delivered to the client.

This is a very important feature since it prevents clients from being transferred from one agent to another, also improving the time, quality, and attention of agents.

  • Gathering customer information so the agent already knows how to address the call.
  • To let the customer, know their position in the waiting line and the approximate waiting time.
  • To give the customer the option of “call back”

Time is a valuable resource for everyone, so give your customers the option to leave the waiting line and have a callback as soon as possible.

These small but important actions can create a highly satisfying customer journey and experience.  

AI and human agents are both equally necessary to deliver the best experience.

It is important to highlight that AI works in combination with the interaction and intervention of agents, since, without human intervention, the quality of service would not be optimal.

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