PCI Data Protection by Nuxiba

Without a doubt, the online market is currently one of the largest markets worldwide and as it continues to grow exponentially, cardholder data of millions around the world are exposed on a daily basis.

Therefore, the PCI Security Standars Council decided to create a security standard oriented to the development of regulations for Cardholder Data protection, as well as confidential authentication data during processing, storage, or transmission.

This has physical, logical, and administrative security controls.


The PCI standard was first published in 2004 and is the result of the centralization of security controls of the programs of different brands such as:

  • Discover
  • DISC
  • DSP
  • MasterCard
  • Visa USA CISP
  • Visa International AIS
  • JCB

 Who needs to comply?

It should be noted that this standard must be met by all companies involved in the storage, processing and transmission of confidential payment, card authentication data, regardless of their size or volume of transactions.

Some examples of these companies are:

  • Merchants
  • Processors
  • Acquirers
  • Issuing Entities
  • Payment Service Providers
  • Call and Contact Centers (that meet the requirements)
  • Among others

PCI Data Protection by Nuxiba

Nuxiba technologies, committed to the constant development of new technology and high-quality software for contact centers, has developed a tool with various features to guarantee the protection of customer data.

Among them we can find the following:

  • Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect card data
  • Protect stored data from cardholders.
  • Encrypt cardholder data transmissions on open public networks
  • Restriction of access to cardholder data according to the businesses that must know them.
  • Assigning a unique ID to each person with access to the computer.
  • Restriction of physical access to cardholder data.
  • Maintain a policy that addresses information security.

Without a doubt, these standards are also a great opportunity to gain customers’ trust along with their loyalty.

Contact Nuxiba for more information about this new tool, if you already have our software, it’s easy to add this feature.

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