The Importance of Data Security in Contact Centers

One of the most valuable resources of both people and companies is information.

In particular, when it falls into the ‘sensitive’ category.

Therefore, it must be managed appropriately so the integrity, reputation, and privacy of those who hold it is protected. 

In contact centers that collect and exchange different types of information, it’s crucial to implement a data security system that guarantees a high service quality level, confidentiality, and respect for customers and in-house areas alike. 

A monitoring and supervision plan including a set of assessment parameters.

Must be developed to detect any possible failures and leaks in data management processes.

The teams in charge of keeping track of agent operation must be well trained to follow specific courses of action in the event data security mechanisms are compromised.

It’s important that contact centers establish clear data management policies by department (or by every team of agents and supervisors).

To that end, it’s advisable to have a management strategy that covers aspects like:

  • Analysis and listing of processed data
  • Classification of information by area, campaign, or work group
  • Data auditing and monitoring periods
  • Dedicated information security teams
  • Call quality standards
Data security

This strategy must be designed based on the needs of each contact center.

All staff members must be knowledgeable about the guidelines described therein regarding their individual tasks.

And the tools they’ll use to manage data.  

For instance, in outbound or inbound calls, agents can be guided by a customer service or sales script.

That determines the pieces of information to be requested, as well as which of them require closer attention.  

Administrative departments must also be able to identify the content to which they’ll have access.

In such cases, it proves useful to categorize data according to the hierarchy of activities. That are performed by each administrator. 

Once a comprehensive data management plan is introduced, it’s imperative that operations be supervised on a constant basis to ensure compliance across in-house areas.

Monitoring data management brings multiple benefits to contact centers, including:

  • Prevention and detection of data breaches
  • Control of service quality
  • Protection of customer information
  • Delivery of first-class customer experiences pursuant to data security regulations

To make sure that supervision tasks are carried out correctly, contact centers can use tools like CenterWare AVRS by Nuxiba.

To record the calls and screens of all agent workstations and control the overall service level and quality.    


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