Enhance Your Contact Center with Software and Telephony

Carriers that provide solutions combining software and telephony help businesses to improve. And streamline their operation, broaden their scope, and cut costs related to resources and infrastructure. 

Contact centers require tools that boost productivity, improve time management, and enable continuous innovation. 

Today’s contact centers are either growing companies or in-house departments.

In charge of sectors like sales, customer service, debt collection, etc.

In any case, it’s necessary for them to search for a software provider that can scale services up.

And down on demand, support multiple concurrent interactions, and monitor operation in real-time.   

Many emerging businesses use open-source software like Asterisk because it features several functionalities of telephone exchange systems.

However, this proves useful for call centers only.

For example, it comes to contact centers, where the workload is heavier.

A specialized software solution is the best resource for controlling customer interactions appropriately. 

Acquiring a specific platform for automating processes has become a common and indispensable strategy of contact centers.

Given that it offers many benefits, such as saving money in terms of infrastructure and staff.  

Contact center platforms can be run on the cloud or on-site.

Deciding on one of these models depends on companies’ existing infrastructure, operational capacity, and budget. 

Software and Telephony

Steady Growth and Higher Profitability 

Investing in an all-in-one platform that includes tech support and is trusted by many (which is not always the case with open-source software) is a sound decision of contact centers whose aim is to grow on a steady basis. 

For contact centers that already use a tool like Asterisk and are in the course of expansion, it is advisable to get the advantages of a more feature-rich platform.

That allows to manage and control customer communications across different means.

This type of software is what helps to build a top multichannel contact center

Apart from a functional platform, contact centers need an IP telephony provider that enhances their resources and optimizes their lines of communication with customers. 

IP telephony integrates advanced communication features and meets the current standards with regard to digital signaling and network traffic.

Contact centers that implement such technology can manage calls efficiently. And tailor their services to the needs of their customers and users. 

Nuxiba is an experienced software provider that understands the needs of modern contact centers.

Its new service concept called CenterWare Total combines the powerful applications of CenterWare Xion X5 with a reliable VoIP phone system. 

Request a free demo and learn about all the benefits of this service platform!


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