Improve Customer Experience with a Recording System

There are different strategies to improve customer experience in contact centers, such as providing agents with proper training, using well-defined scripts, or reducing wait times.

Though these practices are very common in contact centers’ quality processes, they need to be monitored constantly to make sure they are being used correctly. 

A recording system not only streamlines monitoring tasks but also brings benefits in terms of customer experience through key indicators that help to achieve and maintain high service levels. 

Knowing your contact center’s current situation and detecting a starting point are some of the ways to improve.

However, if you focus on analyzing customer experience, the chances of reaching your goals will be increased. 

How to analyze Customer Experience?

You have to bear in mind that customer experience cannot be measured quantitatively.

It is related to perceptions within given scenarios.

To deliver exceedingly good customer experiences, you must identify all the touchpoints throughout your sales pipeline. 

1. The first stage is prospecting. If you are advertising your service via phone calls, identify how well your clients are perceiving the information.

Analyzing recordings in this stage allows you to know whether your script is effective and whether agents are attracting customers’ attention and interest.

It is important to pay close attention to prospects’ reactions and objections, especially when it comes to new products, so you can develop strong rebuttals. 

2. The second stage is orientation. It takes place when leads are familiar with our services, but require more information. This interaction is commonly held over inbound calls.

By recording conversations, you can detect frequently asked questions, phrases that encourage or hinder customer engagement, and any aspects that cause uncertainty or confusion.

This way, you will be able to analyze customer perception continuously. Another means used during orientation are chats, email, or social networks.

In these cases, screen recording plays an important role to track leads’ and agents’ reactions to a given situation or doubt. 

Negotiation or sale.

3. The third stage is negotiation or sale. This stage is of the utmost importance because it is when prospects decide whether or not to buy your products.

Therefore, it is indispensable to continue providing them with a good experience where they feel respected and not overwhelmed.

You’ll be able to reply to their objections based on their motivations and the previous analysis of their preferences. 

Analyzing your prospects’ impression of your products or services allows you to develop plans and strategies for creating a positive customer perception.

Quality processes must be in all the touchpoints of both your sales pipeline and after-sales services. 

To deliver the best customer experience, it is advisable that you:

1. Reduce wait times. Today’s customers search for immediate assistance. They want to get answers right away, even if they are not positive. 

2. Implement different service channels. Multi-channel contact centers offer a more satisfying experience by allowing customers to choose a means for communicating with agents. 

3. Develop customer loyalty and reward programs. Customers need to feel rewarded and appreciated by businesses. This is what drives and builds customer loyalty. 

A recording system improves your customer experience with tools that:

  • Record calls and desktops across your contact center
  • Rate customer interactions
  • Filter recordings
  • Highlight key parts in conversations
  • Retrieve reports by interval, agent, or campaign

Get more information about your customer interactions with AVRS.

This platform offers high-quality, user-friendly recording features that can be fully tailored to the most common contact center solutions in the industry.  

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