No More Customer Service in 2019

For the last few years, the industry has focused on the importance of improving the interactions between companies and customers, and providing close, effective customer service that meets people’s needs. 

In 2019, high-quality customer experiences became a clear trend.

Accordingly, the trend’s popularity increased so much that contact centers were required to adopt new communication channels.

However, this year businesses will have to map out an even more comprehensive strategy in order to benefit their clients.

The concept of customer service has been redefined completely. Nowadays, the end-to-end experience of clients is what keeps drawing more attention.

Therefore, in the upcoming year, contact centers will have to place significant emphasis on customer loyalty, retention, and engagement.

Customer Service 2019
Communication in 2019

According to several Internet metrics, in the last decade, a considerably large number of users have transitioned to digital media and started to use the web as the main means to communicate with companies. 

In spite of this, digital technology has not fully replaced the traditional (legacy) channels, and probably never will. What is expected next year is that more and more companies continue to implement digital communication while keeping their current infrastructure, which will result in additional interaction options and methods for all types of clients.

Custom Messages

Tailoring communication to clients is essential in strategies that search to increase customer loyalty and experience.

Moreover, today’s clients value personalized assistance rather than conventional. 

When it comes to customer interactions, another important aspect is the speed, and even immediacy, of answers. Due to the widespread use of smartphones, mobile devices, and social networks, clients expect to get effective answers in next to no time.

As some studies have in fact revealed, Internet users expect agents to solve their doubts in less than one hour.

Automation to Improve Experience   

The use of automation technology in companies’ in-house processes and customer interactions is very likely to increase in 2019.

Single-channel and multi-channel contact centers require a well-thought-out strategy to provide an excellent customer experience.

During the development and implementation of such strategy, streamlining processes is of the utmost importance to achieve the desired outcome.

In conclusion, the adoption of trends for enhanced customer service must always be subject to the correct completion of established plans of action that prioritize staff training.

At Nuxiba, we wish you success in all your strategies for next year, and we offer you our series of services that will deliver a first-class experience to all your customers.  

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