Call Monitoring Still Works (Article + Infographic)

Contact centers are required to analyze results upon the end of phone customer interactions in a methodical, consistent manner. Developing reports and keeping close control of the operation in real-time come in handy for such purpose. 

Real-time monitoring is one way of maintaining and guaranteeing call control and quality. Given that, it allows detecting an improvement in communication processes, either on the end of agents or contacts, or in the service scheme as a whole.

In addition to this, it permits to collect valuable information on customer behavior. 

Another key aspect of “live” monitoring is keeping track of agent statuses (ready, unavailable, away, etc.) .

As it enables supervisors to distribute staff members proportionally based on the tasks of the contact center; and the schedule of campaigns or feedback sessions. 

This type of monitoring features many more functionalities, including coaching; which is one of the most essential and useful resources of supervisors. When it comes to implementing strategies for improving the silks of agents according to their particular training needs. 

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By means of call intrusion, supervisors can monitor the calls of any agent without being heard and listen to different parts of customer interactions to assess service quality.

Thanks to this practice, contact centers can make sure that customers are provided with experiences consistent with their brand promise.

Call monitoring is not aimed at finding errors in agent performance, but rather at offering advice to work groups on how to become more knowledgeable about the applications they use to manage calls. And the steps they must complete to follow up on customer requests.  

Agents who are informed of their rooms for improvement appropriately are more likely to channel all their efforts into remedying their shortcomings.

Revamping contact centers is also important to equip workforces with everything they need to excel at their tasks. 

When provided with direct, objective observations by supervisors (or even by the QA department). Agents feel guided throughout their learning process, and consequently more motivated to keep on progressing.   

Multichannel Monitoring

Today’s contact centers have expanded into different communication channels. And are no longer limited to make or receive calls.

They have turned into multichannel contact centers that assist customers via chat, email, social networks, and other means. 

Monitoring each of these interactions is crucial to measure the overall operation of contact centers. And keep an eye on the experiences delivered. 

The infographic below includes more details and tips on this subject:

Contact centers must make use of technology to both monitor agent activity and run analytics across multiple channels with great ease.

Nuxiba developed a platform that features an integral dashboard along with a series of drill-down reports to retrieve accurate information about contact centers’ service levels in real-time. 

Learn more about this powerful tool and decide to improve your customer interactions with CenterWare Xion X5. 

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