Telephone Surveys in Market Research

Companies in all lines of business need to know their target markets and customers to improve their processes and achieve their goals.    

Surveys are one of the tools most commonly used to collect important data.

They help to pinpoint customer preferences, current industry trends, and even customer perception in connection with a product or brand. 

Market surveys are conducted at different stages of the sales pipeline and among existing customer bases to keep track of their experience and needs.

Markets can be studied with surveys at several key strategic moments, for instance:

1. Before launching a product

When coming up with a new idea for a product or service, it’s always advisable to explore your markets.

This way, you can identify whether it is the right time to launch it, as well as how much effort is required to attract your target customers.  

Questions related to features, products, and prices come in handy to analyze the environment of your audience and their willingness to buy new products. 

The information obtained through surveys plays an important role when mapping out business strategies and promotional campaigns before launch.

It is the starting point in every publicity and marketing plan. 

2. During publicity campaigns

When running a promotional campaign, you can use surveys to measure its impact.

To determine its efficiency level based on specific targets, you can ask a large number of customers whether they are familiar with your products, whether they have seen or heard advertisements from your brand, or if they remember your company’s name.

These surveys are generally answered via phone call on a mass scale to know the impact of publicity among a wide range of people. 

3. After customer interactions

Surveys help you to measure customer satisfaction levels and get details about the experience delivered by your products.

Therefore, it proves useful to conduct them on a regular basis to know customers’ impression about your services, and whether it changes over time. 

They are also a good means to know how changes made to your products are perceived by your audience.

Customer satisfaction surveys evidence the quality of your products or services based on customer perception. 

This kind of firsthand feedback allows you to solve every doubt and meet every need of customers, thereby driving brand loyalty.


Market surveys must consist of well-structured, short, and direct closed-ended questions to avoid confusion and collect information easily.  

Surveyed customers must be segmented properly to get accurate results and all the metrics necessary for business strategies. 

Customers are more likely to participate in telephone surveys when they are concise and include clear answer options. 

To make sure the structure of surveys is suitable before starting a market research campaign, it is advisable to run tests among in-house departments first. 

Monitoring contact ratios and survey analytics in real-time are possible with a voice broadcasting system. 

Reminder is an excellent tool for designing and managing surveys.

You can personalize every question and start campaigns automatically while controlling and keeping track of the answers submitted by each customer. 

Try this tool and learn to use all its features!

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