Do You Know How to Build Customer and Employee Loyalty?

Getting to know customers is the way to provide them with services tailored to their every need and deliver better experiences that lead to long-term business relationships and brand loyalty. 

Customers around the world prefer personalized services

Offer Multichannel Service

In this digital era, the internet and online applications are the means customers use the most to interact with businesses.

Therefore, adopting new customer service channels as an alternative to telephone lines is essential to contact centers. 

The use of chat, one-way, and two-way bulk SMS messages and social networks is increasingly spreading among contact centers. Interactions over these means can build closer customer relationships while delivering improved customer experience.  

Given that IP technology is the best option available for connecting a large number of interaction channels that reach customers and staff members alike, contact centers are required to use a specific platform and infrastructure capable of supporting and streamlining their communication processes. 

Customer Loyalty
Customer Experience

Focus on Internal Customers 

Customer service should entail more than just solving problems or making sales. The aim must be creating experiences whereby customers are left with a good impression of your products or services.

This target is not exclusive of contact centers; any business and company can provide services that make them stand out from their competition. 

Highly-personalized services translate not only into higher customer satisfaction and retention but also into enhanced agent productivity and morale.

Customers prefer to get live agents assistance rather than by automated resources. In light of this, it proves useful to detect areas for improvement among your staff and invest in training.   

In order for agents to offer a first-class service to customers, they must be provided with constant resources that help them carry out their tasks confidently.

This way, they will be able to answer any question of customers more quickly and effectively. 

Understand the ‘Whats’ and ‘Whys’ of Contact Center Metrics

In contact centers, indicators are crucial to measure service quality and develop better business strategies.

There is a variety of tracking and monitoring tools that retrieve these metrics; for instance:

  • customer satisfaction surveys,
  • call and screen recording
  • comprehensive reports and charts

According to some studies, out of 95% of the contact centers that analyze agent performance and customer feedback, only 10% modify their practices accordingly.

However, when using analytics to pinpoint the needs of customers and agents, you must make sure to follow appropriate courses of action that improve your operation and services continuously.  

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