Four Musts for Building a Top Contact Center in 2020

We’re only a few days away from 2020. In the months to come, new trends in customer service and support will develop, although they will continue to focus on customer experience. 

CX is a crucial factor that requires contact centers to use resources and follow integral strategies that drive customer satisfaction. 

However, this is in no way an easy task.

It’s a goal that proves more and more difficult to achieve as customers keep adopting new communication channels and schemes to make the same question or request.

Most of today’s contact centers provide service over different means, but in order for them to deliver a high-quality experience on both a single- and multi-channel basis, it’s imperative that their in-house areas interact with each other effectively and manage customer information appropriately.

This way, they can follow up on each customer’s needs, preferences, and records. 

One of the main challenges companies will face in the next years is implementing and using technology to their advantage.

The following are some recommendations for adapting to changes in communication. 

1. Understand and adopt the multichannel approach

To grasp this concept, you must know that multichannel services must be completely oriented to customers and that every touchpoint must be connected to a general database that keeps record of each customer interaction and the details related thereto so customers don’t need to provide their information repeatedly over different channels. 

By developing a service model with the previous requirements in mind, you can offer a first-class multichannel experience.

All touchpoints must be designed to boost each other and integrate seamlessly, thereby helping customer communications to be effective. 

2. Analyze data

Identifying the channels customers use the most is the first step.

Then, you must learn about their communication preferences, whether via phone call, chat, social network, or other means, so you can establish parameters for measuring customer satisfaction accurately either within a general scope or by type of service or channel.


3. Prioritize CX

Improving customer experience through better, personalized services has been a constant trend in the last few years.

Given that contact centers are in charge of interacting with customers, they must operate based on a plan aimed at driving brand awareness and loyalty. 

Working with agent scripts is one of the best ways to enhance service quality.

You must bear in mind that customers expect to be provided with answers and solutions tailored to their needs, regardless of the nature of campaigns and businesses.   

4. Implement social media

Social networks have come to play a major role in customer service and support –and even in lead generation and sales prospecting.

Contact centers that want to remain competitive must use platforms that manage communications over social networks with efficient, secure tools, as these channels need to be supervised and monitored constantly. 

Even though social networks are no news to contact centers, it’s expected that their implementation will consolidate in the near future, just as communication between companies and customers continues to evolve.

Therefore, revamping your contact center to meet customer expectations is essential to stay ahead of the game. 

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