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Improve Customer Experience with SMS Messages

Today’s customers need brands and companies to provide them with services where they feel heard and valued. Given that they are well-informed about the technological changes and trends in the industry, they have increasingly high expectations and search for means to communicate with businesses more directly.  

In light of this, companies are required to modify their policies for customer service and customer interaction follow-up. Contact centers are becoming more dynamic, and thus agents need to be better trained to provide a high-quality service, and consequently an exceedingly good customer experience. 

In addition to better service policies, it is vital for companies to implement means through which they can communicate directly with customers. One of the contact strategies that has kept pace with the industry throughout the years is custom SMS messaging.  

Although one-way and two-way bulk text messages are not new, they continue to prove effective when communicating with customers because they can be delivered to thousands of mobile phones, even if they have no Internet connection. 

SMS in Customer Journey

Many businesses that focus on customer experience use text messaging as their main customer service strategy, and not only as a contact option. This means they implement SMS messages in a multi-channel strategy where custom service is provided throughout different touchpoints.  

For instance, the first touchpoint can be an email in which customers ask for information related to a product or service. The second comes when a sales representative contacts customers over the phone to schedule a meeting, and the third and last one is a SMS message that customers can reply to with a “yes” to confirm their attendance at the meeting.  

SMS messages can be used to disseminate reminders and notices regarding events and new products. Some companies also use them to thank customers for their business or for taking part in one of their events. 

Other Uses of SMS Messaging

Text messages are deployed in debt collection strategies to send information about payment methods, due dates, outstanding balances, or discounts for prompt payment. 

When it comes to publicity, they are used to deliver special offers, advertisements, or other related promotional content. In this case, they also help companies to cut costs because they can be aimed at different specific audiences and increase customer reach.  

SMS messaging can also be implemented in in-house processes and for many other customer service purposes. We invite you to browse our Nuxiba blog to learn more about this subject and discover new customer service strategies. 

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