Uses of Instant Messaging Tools: Communicate with Your Customers.

Today, the most widely used instant messaging app in the world has over one billion active users per day, which can also be translated into interesting business opportunities for your company.

Engaging with costumers through different communication channels visibly improves:

  • User experience,
  • Confidence,
  • Appreciation,
  • and loyalty towards your company.

Here you have some advantages of using instant messaging tools whether to make a sale or to provide customer service. 

Advantages of Using Instant Messaging Tools. 

  • Connect with new prospects: Due to the high number of users currently using instant messaging apps, you can expand your prospects, including all of those who ask for information about your business.
  • Create conversation: Thanks to its “instant” response you can encourage your business sales from those “hot” leads.
  • Automate your responses: Use instant messaging to automate certain responses and achieve better sales results.  
  • Solve doubts: This tool can be helpful when used as a pre-sales customer service. Keep your lead and convert, clarify possible doubts that may not be in the FAQ.
  • After-sales service: Remember, satisfied customers will be more convinced to buy from you again. Customize after-sales experiences.

Give the extra mile. 

Besides the advantages mentioned before, and although nowadays pretty much everything is automatic, customers always get an excellent impression when knowing that behind all the marketing campaigns or companies there are professionals that are willing to attend them.

Internet and smartphones have changed the way we communicate, making it essential for companies to be available through different communication channels. This means the faster your company’s response is, and the more conversation your agents have with users, the better they will perceive your brand, helping your organization stand out from other competitors and improving your market share.

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