Change Management in Call Centers, Do You Know What It Is?

Change management is a collective term for all the steps taken in order to achieve a previously established goal.

It includes methods that redirect or redefine the structure, processes, and culture of companies. In order for these methods to be effective, change must take place in the following order:

Call centers experience changes on a constant basis to keep pace with current market conditions, new technologies, customer demands, and competitors.

Renew or die

Workforces in call centers that plan to introduce some changes are very likely to deal with different emotions.

Some employees may see change as an exciting opportunity, while others may consider it a threat.

Any change can impact the operation of agents, the workflow of in-house departments, and the general organization of companies.

Call centers capable of managing change effectively ensure a smooth and successful transition for their talent network.

Change Process

It is important that all the parties involved in this process understand factors like:

  • The consequences of change
  • The mechanisms for supporting change
  • The tools required for completing the transition

In addition to this, it is essential to consider Lewin’s three-stage model, which identifies how humans perceive and embrace change.

  • Unfreeze. Consists of getting rid of defense mechanisms that people may use in the beginning to avoid change.   
  • Change. It is the period during which employees move from old to new behaviors. In this stage, managers must clearly explain the reasons for change and the steps entailed in the transition. 
  • Refreeze. Change is sustained and reinforced.  

Change management in call centers poses three questions:

  • How is it done?

Identify what needs to be changed, ranging from software and telephony to business strategies (based on your call center’s industry).

  • What are the skills required?

Use your expertise and all the mechanisms that have helped your call center to be productive and improve day by day.

  • What must be altered?

Once you’ve detected what must be changed, search for software and telephony tailored to your needs and requirements.

Map out strategies aligned with your new objectives.

Key Factors in Successful Change Management

The table below describes some factors that are crucial to change management in the three main call center sectors. 

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Built-in Functionalities

  • Comprehensive reports
  • Call blending (inbound and outbound)
  • Predictive dialing
  • Call scripting

These are just some of the tools featured in CenterWare.

One of the main advantages we offer is free training and certification courses.

Your agents will get all the resources they need to adapt to change faster.

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