Team Management During Pandemic Crisis.

The COVID-19 crisis sets many challenges to companies around the globe. One of the most critical is team management during crisis and in distance.

Work from home for Contact Centers are possible, but these does not necessarily mean it would be an easy task, maintaining an agile team who knows how to deal with a crisis depends on how well it is managed and how quickly they can handle the new reality.

But it is not all bad news, this situation could set a precedent to a great opportunity to diversify the work of your teams. Team managers can make implementations as well as some adjustments to adapt their teams to work from home schemes. That over time, can become an advantage for your business.

There are some strategies and tips that can help team managers to carry out this task in an organized, safe, and results-oriented manner.

Team management during crisis

Nuxiba offers the best solutions for your contact center. Our systems can help team management in real-time:

  1. Managers will be able to see all campaign status,

2. Number of clients connected in an active call,

3. Number of clients queued,

4. Agents connected, in a break, etc.

5. Total conversations in a day, among others.

It is time to focus on providing our workers with security for their health and work, equipping them with the best technology to increase their dexterity to maintain business continuity, compliance with the demand, and effective team management, which can become key to custumer experience at this critical moment.

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