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Contact centers are required to pay very close attention to the calls they receive.

To that end, it is advisable for them to monitor calls in detail using a profitable system (known as call control). 

According to some studies

A single agent can dial or answer about 100 calls on average within a 6-hour shift.

This figure demonstrates how large and demanding the operation of call centers can be. 

“Poor customer service can lead to a sharp drop in profits”

The CEO of Telefónica Cataluña, Kim Faura, states that his call center receives over 50,000 calls on a daily basis.

Among all these callers, 99% are serviced appropriately, while 1% are provided with an experience that fails to meet their requirements. 

The latter percentage equals to 500 people who can decide to stop using the products or services of a company. 

This means that poor customer service can lead to a sharp drop in profits. Hence call control is of the utmost importance. 

Faura also states that 75% of customers call to report negative experiences or, in other words, to make complaints and solve problems.

In these cases, customer perception can be damaged even more when agents carry out their tasks without complying with in-house policies. 

An inefficient service can cost any business dearly.

In US companies alone, losses can amount to 83 billion dollars. 

When it comes to personalized service means, 61% of customers prefer phone calls to email (60%) and live chat (57%).  

As evidenced by such percentages, call centers continue to have a considerable advantage in terms of direct communication.

When maintaining good touchpoints with customer bases, call centers drive brand loyalty, which translates into high returns on investment and long-lasting business relationships. 


In light of the problems that companies can face as a result of low-quality service.

It proves crucial for call centers to implement a system that generates reports with metrics like:

  • Service time, agent performance, total number of missed or abandoned calls, etc.

Analytics accompanied by charts offer a dynamic picture of campaign records and the operation of agents.

Including their staffed time, priority, schedule, attendance, overtime, and unavailable time. (For instance, lunch, training, or break periods).

Call Control 

Thanks to the constant breakthroughs in contact center technology.

Service quality has improved in multiple aspects for the benefit of both customers and companies.

Therefore, implementing a series of tools for measuring service levels is essential to encourage and strengthen customer engagement in any business sector. 

CenterWare Xion

CenterWare Xion by Nuxiba features a user-friendly graphical interface that makes it easier to create multiple inbound and outbound campaigns online using a wide range of configurations to achieve the best results available, like:

  • Name,
  • Operation hours,
  • Dedicated agents and supervisors,
  • Transfer priorities,
  • Messages,
  • Average wait times,
  • Alternative lines for overflowed calls, etc

CenterWare AVRS®

Records all the calls dialed and received by your contact center so you can evaluate and improve service levels. And quality, detect frauds, create a backup of payment promises and negotiations, and many more options related to call control. 

An additional benefit of CenterWare AVRS® is that it is seamlessly integrated with CenterWare Xion®.

This way, you can perform administrator tasks and play recordings.

All in a single window through an integral dashboard and finder. 


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