Debt Collection Tools for Contact Centers

Collection tools are a key factor in contact centers that specialize in resolving delinquencies. 

There’s more to debt collection than meets the eye.

That’s why an increasingly large number of companies and centers in the debt recovery sector draw up integral management strategies. 

These plans of action focus on bringing delinquent accounts up to date.


Using technology for collections is one of the measures that leading contact centers chose to adopt.

The reasoning behind this is simple: they wanted to remain competitive in an ever-evolving digital market.   

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When the tasks entailed in collections are classified, automated, and optimized, agents can approach an interact with customers more effectively. 

The same happens when collection processes are followed up appropriately. 

Saving time and money when contacting customers is also related to quality in contact centers.

Collection debts

Some technological tools that prove useful for this end are:

  • Predictive dialers: reduce wait times and increase contact ratios.
  • SMS messages: allow to contact customers in a personalized and immediate way.
  • CRM platforms: organize databases, streamline delinquent account records, and retrieve information in little to no time.
  • IVR applications: function as self-service solutions with automated voice responses that provide details about debts or payment due dates.
  • Recording systems: make a backup of operation files and store information relevant to the improvement of agent performance and productivity. 
  • Reports platforms: generate drill-down metrics that help to follow up calls and customer interactions with suitable resources. 

Collections professionals find an ally in technology. When it is put to good use, contact centers can gain a competitive advantage, such as:

  • High debt recovery rates
  • Increased productivity

Better Tools, Better Management

In addition to implementing all the necessary technology, debt collection management plans must meet a series of basic requirements to achieve results based on the needs of each company. 

These requirements include:

  • Update and clean up databases.
  • Design campaigns by client, debt, and outstanding amount.
  • Train staff members on a regular basis.
  • Give incentives to agents and collectors. 
  • Keep a record of objectives and any changes made thereto.

Today’s collection centers must adapt to the new ways of interacting with customers in order to map out specific strategies by contact channel accordingly.  

Nuxiba is a leading technology provider in the debt collection sector. Our tools allow to develop integral strategies for managing, following up on, and contact debtors. 

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Apart from automating processes, it gives absolute control over large operations thanks to its set of comprehensive reports.  

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