Voice Broadcasting for Improved Call Center Strategies

A large number of companies, and especially contact centers, use voice broadcasting as a debt collection tool or as a means to send reminders and follow-up instructions in customer service; however, this technology offers many more benefits in terms of business strategies. 

Telephone messages are direct, effective contact means. They can be broadcast to thousands of recipients at once with efficiency. Companies can develop specific campaigns using prerecorded audios or text-to-speech (TTS) technology to create audios from written text. 

The following are some ideas to run successful voice broadcasting campaigns in your company. 

Publicity and marketing

When it comes to direct marketing, voice broadcasting proves very useful. Given that you can deliver messages to both landlines and mobiles, you can communicate with audiences even if they have no Internet connection, and consequently increase your customer reach. 

Some companies send messages to notify existing customers and prospects of special offers, explaining the terms and conditions in few seconds. This practice can be combined with other marketing efforts when customers become more familiar with our business. 

Phone Sales and Promotions

Customer loyalty and retention

Customer service is a broad industry where multiple communication channels are implemented to keep track of customers’ needs and perceptions.

Developing strategies for getting customer feedback provides you with comprehensive analytics that can help you improve your products or services. 

Voice messages are also used to inform customers of the status of their tickets or orders, to remind them of payment due dates, or even to congratulate them on holidays.

Advertisements and notices

In campaigns aimed at disseminating advertisements and official notices, prerecorded voice messages are a good option to reach target audiences.  

In order for customers to fully listen to your messages, it is important that you develop a well-thought-out communication plan; you must segment audiences properly and develop a concise, attractive message with accurate information. 

With Nuxiba’s voice broadcasting system you can contact each of your customers using different audios and message templates with customizable fields. Its powerful engine guarantees a consistent, error-free delivery of information and transfers answered dials to your contact center automatically or on-demand.  

To learn more, contact one of our sales executives and get a free expert consultation. 

Voice Broadcasting for Improved Contact Center Strategies

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