Contact Centers and Digital Customer Experience

The latest trends in customer service indicate that one of the factors that differentiate companies from their competition is the experience provided to customers when buying products or hiring services.

This experience is delivered throughout the customer journey, from awareness, through the purchase and use of products, to advocacy.

It is developed across different touchpoints and is directly related to customer perception.

When it comes to contact centers, customer experience is crucial as it is the direct result of the interaction between agents and customers when closing a sale, providing support, or following up on transactions.

In these scenarios, it is of the utmost importance to keep pace with the trends in the industry and adopt technology that proves useful to meet customer expectations.

Channels and Tools

Today’s customers make better-informed decisions. Before spending their money, they search for reviews, compare products, and decide on an option using both digital and traditional means.

Therefore, businesses are urged to design well-thought-out service management plans that improve customer experience across all communication channels.

Revamping customer service and management is a strategy contact centers must map out based on their real and unique needs.

This means they need to invest in technology and digital platforms that can be tailored to their specific customer base and infrastructure.

To that end, it is advisable to customize industry-standard tools according to a set of previously established targets.

Digital tools bring considerable benefits to contact centers and improve their competitiveness.

They cut operating and technology-related costs, manage a larger number of customer interactions, boost average answer speed, and increase the efficiency of human and technical resources.

Contact centers can align different digital tools to their goals and provide a modernized, more competitive service.

A cloud platform featuring chat, social networks, integrated channels, and digital database management is one of the many solutions that can help contact centers enhance their service quality.

Nuxiba offers fully-customizable technology and communication tools for managing service levels and bringing contact centers into the digital era.

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