Bulk SMS and Voice Broadcasting in Debt Collection Strategies

Text and voice messages are tools that prove ideal for collections departments because they allow to interact with customers directly and much more economically. 

Technology helps to reach audiences in effective ways and branch out into new communication strategies. Therefore, it is a profitable investment for accounts receivable management firms, contact centers, and any other organization in charge of debt recovery. 

Keeping pace with the latest trends in technology is what gives companies a head start on their competitors and guarantees the achievement of complex targets. For collections professionals, these targets include recovering receivables, settling debts, and securing a promise to pay (PTP) from delinquent customers.     

Communication with debtors is the main factor in successful collections. Contacting them requires a series of efficient and engaging mechanisms —and here’s where technology plays an important role.  

Effective SMS Messages

SMS messaging is a good option for informing customers of their debts and payments in a quick, concise, and immediate way. 

Text messages offer many benefits. For instance, you can:

  • Reach customers even when they are not at home or work.
  • Send notifications of recently or long overdue payments.
  • Save time and money in contact operations.
  • Customize messages by recipient or according to specific audiences.
  • Send reminders of payment due dates and outstanding balances. 
  • Use distribution lists to deliver information to thousands at once.

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Debt Collection Strategies

Dynamic Voice Broadcasts

Prerecorded messages also come in handy for collections. Through them, you can follow up on previous conversations with debtors and communicate with them the second they pick up. 

Voice broadcasting provides more personal interactions. When it is used along with an IVR system, recipients can request to speak with a live agent via keypad input in order to ask questions, negotiate a settlement, or verify their account information. 

Text- and voice-based mass communication techniques can achieve high contact rates, and consequently result in larger profits. In addition to this, they help businesses to save time, reduce operating expenses, and disseminate information automatically and effectively. 

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Developing a better collection strategy with bulk SMS messaging and voice broadcasting not only increases recovery percentages but also encourages brand visibility and awareness with the latest in customer notification systems.  

Nuxiba helps you to enhance your collection processes with the most innovative and user-friendly solutions in the market. We engineered the best platform for sending thousands of text and voice messages with great ease: Reminder HM. It features a set of tools for customizing messages, running campaigns, and achieve high contact rates in just a few minutes.   

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