ACD: What It Is and How It Works

What is ACD?

ACD system is an acronym that stands for Automatic Call Distribution. It is a system designed for forwarding or routing calls to specific extensions.

These telephone lines are grouped depending on the logistics and needs of contact centers. An automated call distributor is an essential and basic tool for any contact center.

How does ACD work?

When contact centers have incoming calls, the ACD system checks the availability of agents.

If there are agents set to ‘ready’, the calls are automatically forwarded to them.

If all agents are set to ‘unavailable’, calls are placed on hold.

While callers hold the line, the system can be configured to play:


  • Welcome messages
  • Music, privacy notices, special offers, and any other suitable information

Queue Details

  • Hold time
  • Number of calls on hold
ACD system

There are four main reasons why calls are placed on hold:

  • All agents are busy
  • Calls are received outside office hours
  • Line is out of service
  • No agents are logged in to the system

In any of these cases, calls can be overflowed or, in other words, transferred to a:

  • Mobile or landline phone
  • Extension
  • Voicemail

How is ACD used?

ACD systems can also be set to manage contacts across these three communication channels:

  • Calls
  • Chat
  • Email

This article focuses on ACD on phone networks.

ACD Functionalities

ACD systems feature a wide variety of functionalities. The following are among the most important or popular:

  • Answering calls automatically
  • Forwarding calls by agent priority
  • Queueing calls
  • Distributing calls

For What Businesses Is ACD More Suitable?

Nowadays, most of the companies provide customer service in one way or another.  

To that end, they appoint from informal in-house areas to departments with advanced sales or customer service processes.

These are some of the sectors to which ACD systems can bring considerable benefits:

  • Sales
  • Debt collection
  • Help desk
  • Distribution centers
  • Insurance companies

There are many ACD platforms in the market. Choosing the right option for your contact center is quite simple.

Why Nuxiba?

Nuxiba developed a contact and call center software solution with broad ACD capabilities. It provides your business with all the advantages of an ACD system and much more.

Benefits of Nuxiba’s ACD

Our analytics application retrieves important data like:

  • Call traffic
  • Average wait time
  • Average handle time

These statistics help you configure appropriate prerecorded audios and learn about your service time.  

The reports module makes it easier to detect the hours and days when the volume of inbound calls is higher. 

These metrics allow you to improve strategies and make better-informed decisions in connection with your contact center’s operation.

Satisfaction surveys can be customized to collect all the input necessary to measure your customer service. 

What Are Other Advantages of Nuxiba’s Software?

Thanks to this combination of advantages, you’ll be able to build win-win customer relationships. You’ll satisfy all the needs of your customer base, encourage brand loyalty, increase productivity, and provide agents with tools that achieve your contact center’s targets.

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