5 ways top Contact Centers deliver exceptional Customer Service

In 2019, researchers found that 78% of people felt they had enough information about a company to permanently cement their perception of that brand on one, single interaction with their contact center.

 “Customer Experience is the new brand”

Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes Benz

So, how can you make big improvements to your customers’ journey with small, manageable changes?

1. Speed up Delivery: Shocker…people HATE waiting on hold. If your call is more than 5 minutes customers are dropping off and cementing a bad impression of the services you deliver.

2. Use Dynamic Scripts: A good scripting tool helps your team save time logging critical information and focuses their energy toward finding readily available answers or solving customer challenges. They feel prepared and confident that they can win over difficult customer engagements.

3. Collect Satisfaction Surveys: Every day starts with the best of intentions and highest expectations, but we all fall short some where along the road.

We need feedback from customers to give meaningful praise to those that go above and beyond, constructive support to teams that are struggling, and learn how our customers are changing so we can evolve with them.

4. Monitor in Real-Time: Good leaders are always looking ahead to help their team prepare for the unknown, but great leaders know when they are needed in the trenches to fight side-by-side.

Real-time monitoring shows a clear picture of your contact center at any moment. Status of agents, dialog times, queues, etc…

5. Invest in Right Solutions: The right customer service tools will help your team reduce downtime, achieve higher contact ratios, and keep track of company KPI’s.

Conclusion, exceptional customer experience drives growth as much as, if not more than, great products. Your contact center is the hub for delivering a winning perception of your brand. From face to face interaction, to digital engagement and quality conversations with real people.

The most innovative companies are constantly developing new strategies to personalize the customer journey, and contact centers are ground zero for each of them.

How can Nuxiba help me?

About 75% of customer journeys begin on digital channels (chat, email, social media) with roughly 33% ending in a phone call. Meaning, the companies that thrive have efficient solution to engage with customers on any channel.

CenterWare is Nuxiba’s industry leading platform that offers Contact Centers multi-channel control and operation, for exceptional customer experience. Our leading solution includes the 5 mentioned above and so much more.

Included tools for your business:

Intelligent Call Routing: An ACD system that forwards calls based on your staff’s skill & training to make sure contacts are routed to the best agent possible.

Multi-channel assistance: Chat, email, and Twitter modules are essential for simple, clear and effortless communication with your growing customers. Build a strong and personalized strategy that meets the demands of your unique business.

IVR: No more limited business hours. Your clients will be able to access information or complete transactions anytime, anywhere through fully customizable menus. Operate 24/7 with the latest interactive voice response system.

Call Back: This little feature helps you elimitate abandon rates. Circle back with prospects who hang up when no agents are available or wait times get too long to handle

AVRS: Manage your inbound/outbound recordings for better analytics and training. You can classify, filter, play, mark, and email any recording.

Does Nuxiba have the right solution to elevate your business?

Schedule a free demo HERE.

Customer Service Call Center

Why customer service is important to Contact Centers?

Giving excellent customer service from the first contact should be paramount to any company or Contact Center.

Talking about customer service in Contact Centers is talking about a better managing of one of the most important relationships for a company.

This is the reason why people in charge of the relationship with customers must adequately manage the situations that arise every day.

Why is this so important for my Contact Center?

There’s a new study which shows that just one experience with a contact center can permanently shift a customer’s perception of a brand.

The study looked at over 2000 consumers, more than 100 agents, and analyzed a wide range of customer journeys. The conclusion is clear:

In 2020 experience drives business growth as much as or perhaps even more than product.

Furthermore, this study shows that 78% of people said that just one experience with a contact center representative was enough to change permanently their opinion of a company.

Innovative companies are moving toward a new strategy based on experience management to optimize and differentiate on the experiences they create and deliver.

There are three ways to deliver customer experience:

  • In person
  • Digitally
  • Over the phone

Contact centers are one of the most critical operational mechanisms for delivering customer experience.

It is possible to improve customer service with small big steps

Improving customer service requires studying the customer journey.  About 75 % of customer journeys begin in digital channels and 33% of those ends on a phone call.

With all the canals present in a Contact Center, how do consumer choose to communicate?

There are three principal channels:

Email: Less time- sensitive journeys end up being resolved through email.

Chat: People use Facebook Messenger, Whastapp, or twitter messages because they want to have a quick chat.

Phone Calls: Phone Calls are the last line of defense. Customer call when either the social channel don’t exist or haven’t worked. 

How do I improve my customer experience?

Nuxiba presents these recommendations:

Upgrade service speed: The reasonable waiting time on a phone call is less than 5 minutes, otherwise they get a bad impression of the service they are receiving.

Use scripts: The script specifically develops the call step by step considering all possible alternatives for your next course of action.

A good script contains all the questions that the agent must ask the client, as well as containing supporting information for the agent.

Apply satisfaction surveys: At the end of the call, the agent must ensure that he/she has covered all customer concerns.

It is recommended that you apply a survey to all customers at the end of the call; this is a great tool, because it allows you to know firsthand the impression that the customer has about the service that had being offered to him.

Monitor: Real-time monitoring of Contact Center operation is one of the main tools to be counted on.

It should present a clear picture of the current situation of the operation when showing the status of agents, dialog times, queues, etc.

Customer Service Call Center

Customer service tools

Centerware Suite is Nuxiba’s best multi-channel platform for Contact Centers control and operation.

What are the benefits of Centerware?

  • Reduces downtimes and calls forwarded to voicemail.
  • Achieves high contact ratio and recognizes human voice.
  • Features tools for measuring KPI’s, retrieving reports and running real-time analytics.

With modules that helps to optimize your customer service:

Intelligent Call Routing: Our ACD system forwards call bases on your staff’s skills to make sure contact are punt through to the most suitable agent.

Multi-channel assistance: Serving customers through many number of means is not enough to offer an excellent multi‑channel experience.

You must implement tools that allow communication to be effortless and clear. Our chat, email, and Twitter modules will help you to build a strong strategy accordingly.

IVR: No more limited business hours. Operate 24/7 with our interactive voice response system. Your clients will be able to access information or complete transactions anytime, anywhere through fully customizable menus.

Call Back: Get back to callers who hang up when no agents are available or wait times are quite long. Use this functionality and reduce abandon rates.

Recorder: Analyze and control the files of all your inbound and outbound calls. You can classify, filter, play, mark, and email recordings.

With all these tools you can improve your customer service in your Contact Center.

If you want a free trial, please schedule a free demo.

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