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Tips to work from home

The current world situation has forced many companies to close their offices and send their workers to work from home.

Although it can be seen as a benefit, this can also have many repercussions on the worker, which is why in this article we want to give you some tips for your work from home to be effective, productive and beneficial to your health.

The best tips for working from home

Maintain your routine

Before this situation happened this way, you had to get out of bed, take a bath, get ready, have breakfast and you had a routine before leaving for the office. The best advice is to go back to that routine, get up early, take a bath, get ready, have breakfast, all before starting your work schedule. This will help you to improve your mood and therefore to be much more efficient.

Establish priorities

Keep in mind what you have to do and organize everything according to a priority. This works for work from wherever you are. If you know what has to come first and you organize yourself to get it out in order of importance you will always be much more productive.
It is important that you define 3 to 5 priorities in your day and assign them a time slot in your agenda. From what time to what time are you going to work on each of these?
When a task has a time slot assigned to it in your agenda, the probabilities that it will be accomplished are extremely high.

Schedule productive times

We all have a schedule in which we are much more productive, this, of course, may vary from person to person. Identify your most productive schedule and take advantage of it!
Try to always take out the most urgent pending tasks in your productive schedule. Likewise, it is very important that in your schedule you establish times to eat and to stretch your legs a little.

Try to have meetings with video on

Try to have leisure meetings with video on. Isolation can have severe consequences on people, that is why it is important that even though we cannot be together in a physical space, we spend time with our coworkers at least once a week. Either to talk about something related to work or as a space for relaxation.

Keep a Dedicated Office Space

One of the most important aspects of working at home is that you have a suitable place, with sufficient lighting, ventilation and as few distractions as possible to carry out your daily tasks.
It is also important that you have a comfortable seat, which allows you the right back support and a tidy desk. Remember that it is your space is your responsibility.

Eliminate all distractions

When choosing your workplace, choose a place where you have no distractions of any kind.
Many times working from home can cause various distractions, because we combine the tasks at home with those we have to do for work, so you can set schedules, find a place for you, where people who are working from home also do not distract you. You will appreciate it

Take regular breaks

Within all the activities to perform it is important that you take spaces for you, small breaks of 5 minutes in which you can stretch your legs, go for a snack or just stop watching a screen.

Make it personal.

Above all else, figure out what works best for you. Sometimes the answer is apparent, but other times you might need some inspiration, remember that the most important thing is you and your mental health.

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