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What is Preview Dialing?

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Preview dialing is an outbound dialing system. Over the years it has gained popularity because with its algorithm it has managed to increase the efficiency of call centers notably.

The contact centers or call centers that use this mechanism have achieved great benefits of automation, gaining time and improving their profit margins significantly.

How does a Preview Dialing system work?

 This mechanism chooses a record from the list of prospects and proposes it to the agent, so the agent can see the contact information and process it a little bit to have a better knowledge of the type of customer he or she is about to dial. This type of dialing can be ideal for slightly more complex sales where a little bit of research is needed between calls to increase the level of success of each call.

Enabling this function also allows us to have a better and greater control of the contacts that are being dialed, having a little human interference, which can also help us to comply.

So that as soon as your agent finishes the call in which this, the system will be proposing him the following one in the list, which of equal way the agent will be able to visualize before carrying out it.


What are the benefits of this type of dialer?

This dialer can bring great benefits to your call/contact center, such as

  • Time saving:

This scoreboard helps your agents to automate different tasks, so that they can complete their various tasks much more quickly and easily. This allows your agents to concentrate on much more important tasks.

  • Review customer information or profile before calling:

By accessing customer information before calling, you can significantly improve agent conversation management. It also allows the agent to ask more weighty questions to obtain more valuable information. This is especially useful for call centers that handle a high volume of calls per agent per day.

  • Higher quality at sales touch-points:

This type of dialing helps agents to have context-based personalized conversations.

  • For high-value leads.

It is advisable that this type of dialing is used in calls where the revenue per call is high and the customer requires highly specialized attention.

  • No more droped calls

With this type of dialing, the call abandonment rate is considerably reduced.

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