What Is a CTI?

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Have you ever heard the term CTI for Call and Contact Center and would like to know what it is?

To understand it in-depth and to understand its current importance it is important to go back in history to understand how this term came to revolutionize the world of call and contact center.


In the beginnings of the call or contact centers, all the calls that were made were done in a manual way, the most common thing was lists of telephones for each agent, which were taking notes in notebooks to gather the information of the call that they were making.

It was an arduous job since they had to make notes and reminders to be able to redial in case the customer requested it. All the data was collected and analyzed every few months. 

How Did The CTI Emerge?

The Computer Telephony Integration arises from the need of so many call and contact centers to have greater control over their operation and of course increase their productivity, to meet the market demand. 

The CTI is a system dedicated to the integration of a telephone call and the computer in a coordinated way and it works as follows:

1. A database is load into the system

2.         The system takes care of selecting a contact from this base

3.         Sends you to the call center to dial the phone

4.         It receives the signal from the central informing if the phone is good or not

5. Is the phone good?

o If it is good, pass it directly to the agent

o If it is not good it returns to the database and returns to the first step

6.         The agent manages the contact as appropriate by storing all data

7.         When the call ends, it returns the contact to the database with the modifications made by the agent

8.         Back to the first step

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The Importance Of CTI

We can say that a CTI facilitates and automates all the work that a few years ago, as we said at the beginning of the post, was done manually.  Nowadays, a CTI is in charge of keeping an agenda of calls and making them automatically, as well as facilitating the taking of data or notes of the call. With CTIs, the agent focuses solely on achieving the objective of the campaign in an efficient manner. As if all this were not enough, it also allows us to analyze data and ratios in real-time giving us the possibility to adjust campaign parameters to improve them.

In conclusion, we can say that the heart of the Contact Center and Call Center is the CTI.

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