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Uses of SMS in Political Campaigns.

Bulk SMS

Many political campaigns and public figures use SMS strategies to communicate with voters effectively.

Why is this?

We live in a digital age, where most of our interactions and activities are done through a smart device. It is known that the economically active and working population invests between 5 and 6 hours a day in the interaction with this type of device.

How Can SMS Be Used in a Political Campaign?

Several studies have shown that the opening rate of an SMS is up to 98%. A very high statistic, with which you can be sure that your company’s messages are reaching the people you want to contact.

And then, How Properly Communicate?

In this article, we will share with you the best practice guide for the use of SMS in political campaigns.

  1. Smart insights and communication

While SMS are a widely read and used medium, no one likes to receive a letter via SMS. So, one of the best and most important tips is to keep your information well-structured in the space available for a message.

Be clear and consistent about what you want to communicate to your voters.

2. Keep them informed of your events.

One of the best ideas is to send text messages to remind them of important dates. The success of political campaigns is often related to how many people pay attention to your communications and events.

Using this type of media to invite your supporters to different events (“rallies”) via SMS can make a big difference.

3. Text donations.

An extremely effective method to ask your supporters for some donations for your cause.

4.   Mobile Polls

Use this medium to find out what your voters think about issues relevant to your election campaign.

5.   Voting day reminders

Use this tool as a reminder to voters, as well as sending them a strong message to keep your name in mind when voting.


  • If the question is whether it is legal to use SMS for political campaigns, the answer is yes, but of course, there are certain rules that must be respected and certain texts that could make your message illegal.

Here are some highlights of what is NOT allowed:

  • It’s not allowed to buy a random list of phone numbers to send texts.
  • Unless there is a previous authorization from the receiver, messages sent with auto-dialer are forbidden.
  • You must always identify yourself, or your company at the beginning of your communication.


  • Personalize your messages, if possible: One of the best practices in marketing is to always personalize your communications, something as simple as seeing your name can make the difference between opening the message or simply ignoring it.
  • Send messages that lead to some action (Polls, active participation in a rally, etc.)
  • Don’t harass your supporters, keep the frequency of your communications low. Send only important and relevant communications.

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