Uses of Instant Messaging in the Insurance Industry.

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The insurance industry is one of the most competitive industries in the market. That is why acquiring a new client can be 7 to 9 times more expensive than in other industries.

In addition to this, we must consider that customer retention is up to 10 times lower than in other industries.

The large amount of supply that exists in the market makes it very complicated to attract and retain customers, so in this article, we give you some tips to improve your lead capture and customer retention and loyalty.

Contact Your Customers.

A strong relationship with our customers is built day by day, therefore it is very important to always maintain constant communication with each one of them, with this we begin to strengthen and create a relationship of loyalty.  

An instant messaging strategy, allows us to be sure that our customers will receive information:

  • Adequate: All the information I need my client to know in one place.
  • Complete: In a message, we can send key points that we need to communicate
  • Two- way: This means that we can invite our clients to answer these messages if they have any doubts or if they want some interaction with an agent.
  • Personalized: It is always important for clients to feel and know that they are important to the company. Therefore, a personalized message with their name will greatly improve the relationship.
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4 Good Uses You Can Give to Instant Messages in the Insurance Industry.

Improve your relationship with customers through instant messaging: 

Instant Messages can help us build a better relationship with each of our customers through constant communication. If they have any questions, they can communicate by this means and be sure they will get an almost immediate response.

  • Cross-Sell opportunities:

This channel represents a great opportunity to encourage our clients to hire any other policy they may need, offer a discount or special promotion on a new product, etc.

  • Get referrals and win more leads:

Close customer service allows your clients to start recommending you, they already have a level of confidence, so it will be easier for them to recommend you to friends or family. This way you can build referral networks.

  • Notifications:  

Another practical tip for the use of instant messaging in the direct customer relationship strategy is to use alerts or notifications of different moments, for example, of policies that are about to expire, reminders about policy payments, reminders about upcoming meetings. 

Technology As An Ally.

Nuxiba Technologies, a company with more than 20 years in the market, brings you the perfect instant messaging tool for you.

Customize your interactions with your users and start using instant messaging.

Nuxiba’s instant messaging tool can be easily included in your contact or call center.

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