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Tips for a Good Use of Instant Messaging in Your Contact Center

Enjoying free Wi-Fi.

Would you like to incorporate instant messaging into your contact center?

Instant messaging has become one effective means in the field of customer service, this is because it is an easy and fast means of contact and to which everyone has access.

Implementing a tool like this in your contact center, in addition to social networks, can be very effective for your business.

If you still have doubts about how to incorporate this tool into your contact center, here are some useful tips to help you do it.

Tips for Instant Messaging Tool.

  • Define audiences and objectives: Before starting to implement this strategy, check if your users would communicate with you by this means. This depends a lot on your business core and your type of users.
  • Personalize your account: Well, you’ve decided that an instant messaging tool is good for your business. Now it’s critical that users can recognize your business profile on their phones. We recommend personalizing your profile as much as possible from a photo with your logo, catalog or URL of your company, etc.
  • Align communication: It is very important that the agents handle the same line and business tone. Provide personalized attention but always try to transmit your company values in every interaction.
  • Respond quickly: One of the best practices is definitely to use this means of communication in an efficient way. This medium should be for quick answers, even some of them can be configured as shortcuts to provide better customer service.
  • Support Technology: If your company is medium or large which receives many interactions per day; seeking specialized software that helps you distribute the consultations between several agents can be your best option.

This way the service will be more effective.

  • Well-established service hours: Don’t become a 24-hour company. If you want to give your customers proper attention, it is best to define the hours of operation, so your customers will know when to write to be attended.

The Right Tool for your Contact Center.

If you want a tool that you can incorporate to your contact center, we invite you to read some features about our instant messaging tool.

Our business solution and our technical support team will provide you with a unique communication suite featuring and connecting all the digital channels used by your clients.

Among the features you can find with this tool are:

  • Secure Access
  • Profile management, uses, and privileges
  • Whatsapp Chat
  • Archive function
  • Automatic reply and chatbot functions
  • Activities report
  • Rate the quality of the interaction
  • Transfer to other available agents
  • Dashboard and reports
  • Real-time monitoring

Know all the benefits we have for you, request a free today!


At Nuxiba our mission is to help you.

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