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Team Building Exercises and Leisure Activities for Call Centers

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Team building exercises and leisure activities are means for engaging employees and getting them into a more productive mindset. 

Keeping representatives motivated is a challenge for call centers’ management and Human Resources departments. 

This is mainly because agents spend most of the day sitting behind a computer, calling customers, reciting the same script over and over again, and so on. 

What Are Leisure Activities?

Leisure activities are techniques used by companies to provide employees with a space where they can take a break and relax, as well as interact with others beyond the workplace.  

These activities set aside the daily work routine for a little while so employees can resume their tasks with improved focus and concentration.    

What Are Team Building Exercises?

They’re techniques that provide for the integration of a group of people. Their purpose is to search for all the scenarios where group members, specifically those of a workgroup, can get to know each other and share experiences. 

These exercises offer multiple benefits, such as:

Team Building in Call Centers

Methods and Strategies 

The following are some of the methods and strategies that prove useful to keep your employees motivated. 

Know your workforce:

This is no easy task; however, call center staff members are usually young professionals, which can give you some insight into their values and what can motivate or discourage them. 

Create a work culture including humor: 

Injecting a little fun into the workplace can also help to create a sense of reciprocity. 

Deliver motivational messages:

Let your employees know that they’re fundamental to your operation and that their work is crucial for the call center’s development. 

Leisure Activities 

Make sure that your whole talent network can participate and spend a good, special time together. To that end, it’s important that you plan leisure activities carefully. 

Examples of Leisure Activities 


Consists in exchanging the duties of coworkers. This activity helps to develop a feeling of empathy as employees can value the work of others. 


Supervisors take on the role of representatives, representatives take on the role of quality control analysts, and quality control analysts take on the role of supervisors.  

Stretching exercises

Take a few minutes each day to do some stretching exercises with your team. You can take turns to lead this activity in order to make it more entertaining. 


Let employees show off their joke-telling skills. They can participate all at once or in small groups depending on the size of the team. 

Weekly discussion groups

Invite teams to discuss and reflect on the challenges they faced during the week and how they dealt with them. Encourage group members to express their opinion on what they would do in similar situations. 


It’s advisable to conduct this kind of recreational activities on a regular basis to strengthen your workforce’s interpersonal relationships. 

The target is to build a strong team spirit and foster collaboration and trust in your organization so as to increase employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Another handy tip is designing activities oriented to learning and achieving goals. 

To learn more about how to motivate your call center’s staff, take a look at this article.

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