Tax Season Checklist for Collectors.

Tax Season Checklist

Tax season is upon us, so we decided to make a little checklist for collectors. To have a successful collection strategy it is very important to know who we are going to contact, when we can or should contact them and how to contact them.

In recent years, due to the pandemic, we are going through, the collection sector has lost some strength. Read this article

But having a checklist to help us improve every aspect of our collection can be very useful, so we recommend preparing your staff so that this Tax season is smooth, productive, and profitable.


Stay Updated:

Before you start, study, and learn all the information on temporary tax change rules due to Covid-19, likewise you will have to align all your policies to these regulations.

Get to know your customers

Identify customers who have deferred payments in the past, approach them and offer them a tax settlement program.

Formulate payment terms and offers

With flexible payment options, it is always much easier for customers to start paying. Within these plans you can offer some discounts in certain situations. The current economic downturn requires a flexible approach that makes sense.

Be aware of the timing of your campaigns

Avoid calling your customers during the vacation season. Prepare your staff to address clients about tax refund schedules.

Match candidates’ skills to your debt types and industry.

Assess the skills of your staff members and match them to the needs of your different clients.

Rely on technology

Customize IVRs and automate some processes.

Use effective metrics to measure agent performance

First call resolution, abandonment rate, response rate, customer satisfaction level can be very effective metrics.

The perfect Fit

A technological ally will always make the process much easier.

An all-in-one system that helps you manage everything from one place and more importantly, in the cloud, i.e. remotely, can be a key player in the success of collection this season.


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