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Soft Skills For Your Contact and Call Center Agents.


When talking about soft skills, we refer to the set of skills that contact or call center agents must possess to get along with colleagues in the workplace and to provide customer services, and what are those soft skills? They are:

  • Empathy
  • Efficiency
  • Kindness

Call Center Soft skills are very important.

Though, as an employer it is very difficult to determine if the candidate has them just by reading their resume, it is important to be aware of them.

These types of skills generally allow you to recognize employees who will be around longer and avoid employee turnover.

In this article, we share some training exercises and examples to improve soft skills in your contact and call center agents.

4 Practical Exercises to Improve Your Agents Soft Skills.

  1. It all starts with empathy.

This is an essential skill that agents must possess. Their ability to support customers can make a big difference in the user experience.  


For this exercise, give your agents different scenarios where a customer is impatient or rude. Letting them describe the situation they imagine could be the reason for the customer’s behavior.

This exercise is not intended to help agents guess the causes of stress in a client’s personal life. Rather, the goal of this lesson is to help agents remember that all clients have stressors and that they need to receive fair treatment.

2. Be Positive, Stay Positive.

The difference between being positive or negative has a direct impact on the way an agent deals with customers. A positive agent is helpful, efficient, and proactive, while a negative agent is ineffective and blames the customer for problems that should be solved by him/her.

It can be very easy to fall into bad habits.

To address these bad habits, write down some possible scenarios with different answers. Ask your agents to determine whether the response is positive and useful or negative and useless.

Agents must be able to give different answers to negative scenarios.

3. Improve writing style

Agents have different written communication skills levels.

As multi-channel operation in contact centers progresses, staff need to know if their skills are meeting expectations.

So, to help your contact center agents understand how to improve their email and chat writing skills, print out some examples to read aloud.

By reading each email in the style of a face-to-face conversation, they will be able to compare the way they write with the way they speak and highlight areas for improvement.

4. Clear communication

Agents must meet the balance between giving complete answers, using professional vocabulary, and being accessible.

This is not an easy task, but agents should try to keep their speeches concise and relevant.


Gives agents a brief transcript of a typical customer-agent interaction.

Invite one of the agents to read the transcript with you, with the client-side reading.

Try to make the call concise and very clear. 

Monitor Your Agents Calls

In addition to these exercises, monitoring our agents’ calls can help detect areas of opportunity for improvement.

Maintain the quality of the calls and provide our customers with the best attention and service.

Contact centers must make use of technology to both monitor agent activity and run analytics across multiple channels with great ease.

Nuxiba developed a platform that features an integral dashboard along with a series of drill-down reports to retrieve accurate information about contact centers’ service levels in real-time.

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