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Send Insant Messages This Holiday Season.


The holiday season is upon us. Soon homes will be filled with the scent of gingerbread cookies and fresh pine and the streets will be embellished with lights and decorations. Spirits will be high and people will start to feel closer to each other. 

During this time, many companies want to show loyalty or repeat customers that they appreciate their preference.  

Suddenly, it’s impossible not to notice that the holidays, along with family and office parties, are just around the corner.  

How Can You Show Customer Appreciation?

December marks the end of a year and the beginning of a new cycle. That’s why we suggest seizing the occasion and getting in the holiday spirit to connect with customers. 

If you’re wondering how to show customer appreciation, here’s a good and practical option.

Send Instant Messages!

Sending instant messages is a fun, innovative way to express your gratitude to customers for doing business with your company during 2019, as well as to send them good wishes for 2020.

What Should You Thank Them for?

Thank customers for their support, given that their trust in your brand allows you to remain competitive. 

Also, thank them for sticking around in 2020 and continuing to work with you. 

Sending good wishes for the coming year is an ideal customer appreciation strategy too. 

You can wish customers health and success in all of their future endeavors. 

This kind of communications prove useful to drive customer loyalty. 

Speaking of Saying Thanks…

Companies can have multiple assets –and one of the most important is their talent network.

Although it is true that customer bases determine the success of companies, it is employees who deliver value to customers. 

Therefore, it is advisable to send them holiday messages.

These expressions of goodwill help to boost productivity, create a positive work environment, and encourage employee engagement. 

Motivation plays a key role in employee performance; workforces that feel useful and appreciated are more likely to improve their performance. 

You can thank employees for their great job and commitment throughout the year. 

Let them know you’re proud of their strong sense of teamwork and that it is them who make your company’s growth and development possible. 

Tell them that their morale fills you with confidence that they’ll start the new year with renewed forces and commitment. 

Other Ways You Can Instant Messages This Holiday Season

December is the month when consumers spend the most due to holiday shopping, gift swaps, and end-of-year sales. 

Speaking of sales… Did you know that 69% of consumers use their smartphone to compare prices and that 71% of them do their holiday shopping online? 

All companies, regardless of their line of business, should profit from the holiday rush and the revenue it yields to reinforce their brand’s position in the industry. 

How Can Your Company Do This?

Send SMS or voice messages!

These are some examples of messages you can send this holiday season.

Black Friday discounts: 

Inform your customers of all the discounts that will be available to them in the biggest shopping event of the year.  

Holiday shopping deals: 

Notify customers of your top deals for the season. 

Holiday coupons: 

Send coupons that can be redeemed for gifts or free items. 

Special offers: 

Repeat and loyal customers deserve exclusive deals. 

Season’s greetings:

Deliver messages to spread joy and happiness. 

Holiday opening hours:

Let customers know whether you’ll have special opening hours during the holidays. 

New products coming in 2020:

Send information about your upcoming line of products. 

Are You Wondering How Can You Send That Many Messages?

Ask about Nuxiba’s instant messaging tool with which you can send messages from your contact center, in an all-in-one-platform.

Reach out to your customers and employees with warm wishes for this holiday season.  

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