Life Insurance: Integrated Technology for a Sustainable Growth.


Data from the latest insurance industry-related study conducted by Deloitte, showed that the life insurance industry has been experimenting with new data sources and analytical tools allowing them to improve customer experience, streamline the sales process, and have a better relationship with their policyholders, beyond just communicating with them when it is time for policy renewal.

Why is this happening?

In the life insurance industry, companies with traditional models have been struggling with new technologies and digital solutions for a while.

Nowadays, activities aimed at increasing, retaining, and consolidating customer loyalty are a priority for insurance companies.

Innovation, technology, usable design

Digital transformation is not only about acquiring technology solutions, it is also about considering the impact these solutions will have on employees and customers. 

Projects aiming for digital transformation should put people at the center of the decision making processes. This way, they are much more likely to be adopted.

Executives must do their part to raise awareness of the unique needs of adopting new technologies to the company to make it agile and dynamic.

Which technology is the right one?

Which technology is the right one?

Technology cannot work alone. It is very important to look for the right technology solution that suits best your business needs.

This may be easy to say but looking for the best technology to help you fulfill strategies, aimed specifically at the customer, may not be so simple.

If you want to know how to choose the right software for your contact center, click here.

CenterWare Total, an all-in-one solution

Nuxiba technologies, a company with over 20 years of experience in the market, has developed CenterWare Total.

This software is adaptable to any type of contact or call center because it is completely customizable and scalable.

CenterWare Total is a bundled service that provides your contact center with IP Telephony and software based on usage, paying only for what you use without license or monthly fees.

  • Among other benefits with this platform you can:
  • Get competitive telephony rates,
  • A feature-rich contact center platform with NO license fees,
  • Technical support, training, and certification courses for your agents,
  • All in one service from a single provider,
  • Unlimited access to all CenterWare applications,
  • Real-time reporting,
  • Real-time monitoring, and 
  • Social Networks integration.

Offering a better service to your customers depends on many factors, which is why having the right technology is vital to your business.   


Is a useful solution tool for creating closeness with customers. 98% of SMS messages are open vs. 20% of mailings.

If you want to attract, know, and retain your customers, SMS can provide an excellent tool for this purpose.

Create personalized campaigns for your customers with one of the best tools on the market.

At Nuxiba our mission is to help you.

Request a free consultation with our expert advisors and discover all that Nuxiba can do for your business.


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