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Key Factors for a Great Customer Service.

Exceed Your Customer Experience

We have already heard a lot about the importance of customer service, and why a company should be concerned about making an excellent impression from the first contact customers have with the contact center.

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Before giving excellent customer service I must understand, how is good customer service? What are its qualities?

Qualities of good customer service.

  • Personalized: Excellent customer service always starts with personalized attention. Customers like to know that you know and understand them.

Having a personalized service with your customers brings you one step closer to gaining their loyalty.

  • Useful: One of the most important elements in customer service is precisely how useful it is to the customer. That the agent is properly trained to offer the customer a range of possibilities according to their needs.
  • Proactive: One of the things a customer appreciates most about a company is how proactive its agents are, how much they seek to solve their problems or understand them.

If a problem cannot be solved in one call. How quickly can they call you back with a solution to your problem?

  • Multi-channel: By this, we mean that the company must be available to its customers through different channels. In this way, customers can contact the company in the way that best suits them.

In this last point, it is very important that the solutions found in each channel are the same.

Key Skills Your Agents Must Have to Provide 5-star Customer Service

  • Patience: Listening calmly to what customers have to say is a quality that all agents should possess. Always treat customers with patience and respect at every point of interaction.
  • Emotional intelligence: A great customer support representative knows how to relate to any client, but they must be especially good with frustrated clients.
  • Product knowledge: Knowledge is key, complete knowledge of the products or services offered by the company is a must, which all agents should have.

  • Time management skills: To provide customers with added value, it is very important to value their time. It is important for customer service agents to know how to correctly manage response time and on-call time for problem resolution.


Achieving these objectives does not have to be a complicated task for companies.
Undoubtedly, relying on systems that allow supervisors to constantly monitor the work of agents to strengthen weak points and control quality in the contact center is necessary.

Meet CenterWare Kolob, the Nuxiba system hosted in the cloud that allows you to monitor everything that happens in your contact center even if you are in different physical spaces.

Enhance your customer service with the best technology.

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