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Key Aspects for Improving Sales Calls


Sales calls entail a complex communication process that requires agents to be skilled in order to establish a good rapport.

The end of such communication is transmitting and receiving information.

In face-to-face sales, non-verbal gestures are an important factor.

These cues include facial expressions, body movement, and more.

On the other hand, in sales via telephone, what matters is the tone of voice and the ability to convey a message.

The purposes of calling customers and prospects are many. In this article, we focus on marketing communications.

In this kind of messages, senders are the main part interested in getting their point across as they’re in charge of selling a product or service.

Nowadays, a large number of companies subcontract work to contact centers so as to have an additional sales channel.

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As mentioned before, senders in the marketing communication model play a major role in driving sales.

That’s why they must be thoroughly trained in sales calls techniques.

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Steps to Improve Sales Calls

  1. Identify prospects:

It’s crucial to know the features of products or services to determine a target market.

  • Segment databases:

Once you understand what your target market is, organize your database by qualified leads to find sales opportunities.

  • Craft an effective sales pitch:

It’s advisable to develop a script that helps you introduce your company’s products or services to prospects.

It’s also essential that agents are skilled enough to work around common sales objections.

  • Practice active listening:

You must pay close attention to the needs voiced by prospects.

  • Don’t give up immediately:

Objections shouldn’t stop you in your tracks. Be receptive to the arguments of prospects to show empathy.

Apart from these steps, it’s important to consider the different stages of sales calls to follow up on the conversation accordingly.

3 Key Stages of Sales Calls


Agents must be able to attract the attention of prospects in the first 10 or 15 seconds to gain their interest.

Present offer

Agents must describe products or services stressing their advantages in a clear, concise way.

Close sale

Prospect’s curiosity must be awakened. They must feel the need to buy the product or service.

Make sure not to pressure prospects. Help them realize that the decision is theirs.

By means of all the previous steps and stages, you can add a human touch to telephone sales.

However, in addition to this trait, you require technology that gives you a competitive advantage and allows you to move leads down the sales funnels faster. 

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