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Importance of Customer Experience


Customer experience is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of business nowadays, but what is CX today?

Let’s describe it like as all the interactions customer has with your business; whether direct or indirect.

Starting with:

  • How easy is to search for your brand online
  • Navigate your website
  • Talking with your sales or support agents
  • Making purchases or exchanges online
  • Any media they see from your newsletter, blog, social media, adds
  • Or simple word of mouth.

How can Customer Experience impact my business?

78% of the customers have the impression that they can get enough information about a company from a single interaction with their contact center.

Also, if is not a good perception, it will take 7X positive interactions or experiences to make them feel fine about your brand again even if you compensate them.  

So, what do your customers want or value the most?

  • Experience 50%
  • Products 34%
  • Price 16%  

Giving an adequate Customer experience doesnt have to be a nightmare, with the right strategy, technology and personnel it can be easily atteined.

Here we have the 5 top advices to give your customer the best experience in your contact center.

Nuxiba CX Infographic

This also apply to B2B since

  • 59% of customers want a most personalized experience
  • 70% say service agents who are aware of sales interactions are very important to keeping their business
  • 80% say the experience a company provides is as important as product/ services

*State of the Connected Customer”, Salesforce Research, June 2018

Our commitment at Nuxiba is to develop the best and most advanced technologies to help our business partners to provide the best service and experience to their clients an associates.

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