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Importance and Tips to Motivate your Agents while Working Remotely.

Keep Your Team Productive and Motivated!

Working remotely in a team specialized in customer calls all day long can be a challenge, as things have to work in the same way so that the customer doesn’t notice.

A major challenge faced by call or contact center managers has been to keep agents engaged and productive while working from different locations.

That’s why we wanted to develop this article, where we give you some tips on how to keep your team motivated and productive.

Tips to Keep Agents Motivated and Productive

Keep Your Team Engaged

Working remotely can be a big challenge for some of your agents.
Working in isolation, can seem like a lonely experience.

One way to avoid or reverse these effects is to make the work a little more fun.
Recommendation: Team up with each other and have them compete. Anything you can do to encourage their tasks and objectives can make a big difference.

Working Towards Collective Goals.

Update your agents’ goals frequently, either with daily goals or different goals throughout the week, helps keep things interesting and maintains energy in the team.

It can also help you to have more interaction between your agents. Even more so if these goals are team goals, it will help them support each other when someone is feeling unmotivated or struggling with the remote work experience.

Provide the Right Level and Type of Support.

Some support functions may not be immediately available or as accessible.
Therefore, certain alternatives should be considered so employees know who to talk to if they need.
Scheduling face-to-face calls will help you assess how they are coping with telecommuting and gives them the opportunity to share their experiences to help you feel more at ease and relaxed about the situation.

Maintaining Communications and Corporate Awareness

Keep your team aware of what is going on in the company. Make sure information is flowing properly to your agents through the right channels.
Don’t just rely on email and written communication to let your agents know something about their performance.

Whether it’s a comment or something else, always make these personal updates a verbal discussion.

Use Monitoring Tools to Assist Your Agents

Using these tools can help you detect certain areas of opportunity within your team, while also helping your agents.
Centerware is an all-in-one platform that allows you to work remotely and monitor your agents’ activities from wherever they are.
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